The 2020 Asian PhD School on Advanced Power Electronics

2 PHD Asian School 2020

Please join the 2020 Asian PhD School on Advanced Power Electronics                                                    

The Asian PhD School on Advanced Power Electronics is an annual summer school fostering a series of tutorials/lectures on the research frontiers of power electronics area mixed with some cultural and social networking activities, which is initiated and sponsored by Xi’an Jiaotong University, technically co-sponsored IEEE Power Electronics Society, and in cooperation with Asian Power Electronics Coordinating Committee. There are ten instructors for the 2020 Asian PhD School.  Each of them will give a tutorial/lecture about the development trends and state-of-art research results of a specific topic in power electronics. Each tutorial/lecture is scheduled on a half-day basis for three hours.  Some detailed information is as follows.

Date: 14-20 August 2020

Venue: iHarbor Campus, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China

Form: Hybrid teaching/learning combining virtual on-line form and on-site face-to-face form

Enrollment Eligibility:

  • PhD students in power electronics area from Asian universities

  • Young faculties from Asian universities who got their PhD degrees in the last 10 years

  • Young engineers based in Asia who got their PhD degrees in the last 10 years

Note: Other applicants will be considered under the capacity limit of the school to ensure the quality of communications for both on-site and on-line.  These applicants will be lined up once the eligible applicants are fixed, in a first-come-first-service sequence for the remaining seats under the limit.  Official notifications of enrollment results will be sent out by 10 August.  The paid registration fees from the applicants that are not successfully enrolled will be refunded.

Registration Policy:

  • 150USD (or 980CNY) each for regular attendees, and 90USD (or 580CNY) each for pure on-line attendees
  • Registration fees will be fully refunded for IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) members upon completion of the school
  • Please refer to the school website for the details of the registration guidelines

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