Transportation Electrification–the Future Impact of new Technology on Travel in a Post-COVID19 World

Please join a PELS supported event, Online Meetings of the Worldwide Energy NEtwoRK W-ENERTransportation Electrificationthe Future Impact of new Technology on Travel in a Post COVID19 World

This presentation will look at the technology status for the electrification of the world’s transportation systems and the impact this technology may have to the way we live our lives and travel. This is particularly relevant at the moment as the current world health crisis may well have a larger impact on our travel than any potential change in energy vector. The talk will include the roadmaps for various transportation platforms as well as the options for energy sources and propulsion systems.

Title: Título de la Sesión: Suministro y servicios energéticos en tiempos de COVID-19 (Presented in Spanish)

Speaker: Kadir Ruiz

Panelist: Thomas Riddell & Rodrigo Palma

Date: Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Time: 9:30am (Chilean time) 

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