IEEE Design Automation for Power Electronics (DAPE) Workshop

IEEE DAPE Workshop September 6, 2019, Magazzini Del Cotone Conference Center, Genova, Italy, Co-Located with IEEE EPE 2019 ECCE Conference

IEEE PELS and IEEE CEDA will hold the second Design Automation for Power Electronics (DAPE) workshop on Friday, September 6, 2019, the day after and in the same venue as EPE 2019 ECCE Europe at the Magazzini Del Cotone Conference Centre, Genova, Italy.

The purpose of this workshop is to understand the problems of Design Automation in Power Electronics, identify methodologies that have been used so far by academia and industry and identify the tools that have been developed to resolve the issues during design. The focus of the workshop is to bring together the experts in both power electronics and design automation and have them presenting their perspectives on emerging needs.

The workshop is organized as a single-track event with two technical lecture sessions and one world café discussion session. The organization of the lecture sessions will contain talks from academia and industry. Afternoon sessions will be divided into groups to work on questions that are of interest for the community. For each group one set of questions is answered for 20 minutes and documented by the table-host. After the first round, the groups are mixed and the participants work in another group on another set of questions for ten minutes before the moderator/table-host reveals the results documented from the first round. In this manner, the workshop participants will actively provide their input as to where the design automation field needs to go to best serve the needs in power electronics design activity.

The workshop is especially good for:

  • Designers in the field of power electronics, packaging, and systems;
  • Providers of design automation tools including simulation, physical design, and design for reliability;
  • Manufacturers of test and characterization equipment for high-power, high-voltage systems;
  • Researchers in universities and research labs working on power electronic design automation.

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Invited Speakers from Industry and Tools, Academia and the Scientific Agencies: go to for more information.