CyberPELS 2019 Workshop in Knoxville, TN

Cybersecurity of power electronics is increasingly essential as more systems from electrical grids, electrified transportation, data centers, and internet-of-things utilize power electronics with embedded sensor, converter, and actuation and control mechanisms through various wired and wireless connections. This imposes new security and safety risks from potential cybersecurity threats. Power electronics needs to define hardware hardening, especially in the design phase, to guard embedded components and their influence on the system from incidental and deliberate interferences by cyber-physical attacks. The focuses of this workshop are merging requirements in hardware hardening across components, usage, and communication modes. As a key element of the Cyber-Physical Security Initiative by IEEE PELS, this workshop is organized in cooperation with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community.

The IEEE Workshop on CyberPELS provides a forum for industry experts, researchers, and academia to share technology update, research findings, lessons learned, and best practices in the area of creating and ensuring cyber-secure power and electronics Systems.

Call for papers is open until March 15, 2019, registration is also open now for this 29 April - 1 May Workshop  - go to