Students and Young Engineers Meeting @ IPEC 2018 – ECCE Asia

YP logoLaboratory Exhibition at IPEC2018 - co-hosted by: IEEE PELS/IAS & PPEJ
Sunday, May 20, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM: Daytime Meeting-Laboratory Showcases-
Venue: Room #301 and #302, TOKI MESSE - NIIGATA CONVENTION CENTER, Niigata, Japan
Sunday, May 20, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Evening Meeting-Social & Networking Event-
Venue: KURANOMA (Japanese IZAKAYA/pub/restaurant) near Niigata station, Niigata, Japan


IEE of Japan, IEEE PELS, IEEE IAS, and PPEJ provides a fruitful opportunity to mingle, interact, and communicate with young and senior members from all over the world!
This meeting is an official event of IPEC 2018- ECCE Asia and jointly hosted by the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Japan (IEEJ), IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS), IEEE Industry Application Society (IAS), and Ph. D. Candidates of Power Electronics in Japan (PPEJ). You are cordially invited to join this event to communicate with the young members including students, young engineers, and young professors from across the globe, and learn from the life journey of the biggest leaders in power electronics at IPEC 2018 – ECCE Asia. This event consists of the following two parts.
1. Daytime Meeting -Laboratory Showcases-
There will be two sessions in the Daytime meeting. The first session will be presentations and discussions based on an anonymous survey of students in the power electronics field. All the participants will have answered the questionnaire about own research environment, laboratory, a requirement for Ph. D. degree, and so on in advance, a student from PPEJ, Japan will present the summary of the questionnaire. The second session will be a laboratory showcase with light lunch. 20 poster presenters from across the globe will provide the detailed information of own laboratory life. All the participants will have fun to discuss with Japanese light meal eating. Finally, the representatives of PELS, IAS, and IEEJ will give us short addresses.
2. Evening Meeting -Social & Networking Event-
In the evening after the welcome reception of IPEC 2018 at TOKI MESSE, a social and networking event will be held in KURANOMA, Japanese traditional IZAKAYA/pub/restaurant near Niigata station. It will especially be filled with distinguished speeches, meeting new power electronics peers, learning about the best practices in industry and academia, and having loads of fun with complimentary drinks and snacks.
This event is free and open to all students, young professionals, and engineers.
Please register and answer the questionnaire at
IPEC 2018 Steering Committee
IEEE PELS Students and Young Professionals Committee
IEEE IAS Committee
Ph. D Candidates of Power Electronics in Japan (PPEJ)