EnerHarv 2018: Registration open!

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On behalf of the EnerHarv Workshop Committee (EWC), it is my pleasure to invite you register for the first ever EnerHarv Workshop to be held in Cork, Ireland on May 29-31, 2018

The entire event is limited to about 100 delegates so please be sure to secure your spot right away!

You can find more details on http://www.EnerHarv.com

Come be witness to the birth of the energy harvesting ecosystem!!!

 We look forward to seeing you in Cork in May!


EnerHarv Overview

EnerHarv – A new ecosystem for energy harvesting and micro-power management

The ‘powering the Internet of Things’ market is set to explode with McKinsey reporting an estimated 1 trillion IoT devices globally by 2025. All of these devices need a power source representing unprecedented opportunities for the power electronics community. This includes designing parts and systems with lower power consumption & higher energy storage, smarter and context aware energy management devices and potentially the use energy harvesting and related technologies to eliminate the need for battery placement. This has led to the formation of the PSMA EnerHarv 2018 workshop, 'a focal point for a community of experts and users of energy harvesting & related technologies to share knowledge, best practices, roadmaps, experiences and create opportunities for collaboration.'

In the February edition of PSMA Update we brought exciting news on the initial launch of EnerHarv 2018 with an outline agenda and keynote speakers from TI & Imperial College London. The committee has since then defined the detailed agenda, lining up selecting presentations, demos and posters in energy harvesting, storage, micro-power management and system integration based on real life applications. Thanks to the committee and our technical sponsors (IEEE PELS, ECPE, CONNECT and CPSS) an exciting program of presentations from industry and academia has been confirmed including Analog Devices, Carnegie Mellon, ST Micro, Ilika, ARM, UNIST (S. Korea), Fraunhofer, IMTEK-University of Freiburg, Tyndall, NCSU (North Carolina), Lightricity, Cap-XX, University of Southampton & United Technologies.

The workshop will demonstrate examples of successful energy harvesting products already created via synergies between the energy harvesting source and the load demand developers. A key workshop message and driver is that emerging technologies, if properly guided and integrated, will enable a dramatic penetration of energy harvesting solutions into a broader range of applications.

EnerHarv is targeted at a broad audience ranging from potential adopters of energy harvesting for IoT devices for specific applications (building management, medical technologies, assisted living, environmental, conditional monitoring of equipment, systems, power supplies) to industrial and academic developers of materials and devices (active and passive) to systems integrators and installers of IoT solutions.

EnerHarv will be hosted by Tyndall National Institute in Cork, Ireland, May 29-31, 2018.  Tyndall is one of Europe's leading industry-led IoT research centers and is an epicenter for energy harvesting research.

An opportunity not to be missed for anyone interested in ‘powering the Internet of Things.’

Registration is still open with limited spaces. Please visit www.EnerHarv.com or contact Mike Hayes (General Chair, michael.hayes@tyndall.ie) or Brian Zahnstecher (Technical Chair, bz@powerrox.com) to learn more