EnerHarv 2018: An International, Technical Workshop Dedicated to Enabling the Energy Harvesting Ecosystem

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EnerHarv Overview

‘A focal point for a community of experts and users of energy harvesting & related technologies to share knowledge, best practices, roadmaps, experiences and create opportunities for collaboration’
There is an appetite both in the power sources industry and Internet of Things (IoT) industry to learn more about energy harvesting, understand its potential as well as it constraints in real-life applications. The need to replace batteries in ultra low power IoT devices has become a major technical, cost and logistical issue that is significantly impeding the potential growth in this sector. However this problem presents a major opportunity for the power electronics community to develop and introduce a new generation of ultra-low power devices with some kind of embedded regeneration capability.

The EnerHarv international workshop will follow the very successful format used at the PSMA Energy Harvesting industry session APEC 2017 but will be a two-day event to enable more depth and to engage with a broader audience providing participants with ample time to network, learn, form links and create opportunities to develop collaborative partnerships.

The workshop will also feature dedicated demonstrations from many top tier vendors of parts and systems to allow participants to view the technologies (hardware, visualization and simulation tools, etc.) in operation and interact directly with the developers. Whilst primarily targeting IoT, other applications will be considered subject to presentation material and demos collated as well as suggestions from intending participants. The workshop will demonstrate examples of successful Energy Harvesting products already created via synergies between the Energy Harvesting source and the load demand developers. A key workshop message and driver is that emerging technologies, if properly guided and integrated, will enable a dramatic penetration of energy harvesting solutions into a broader range of applications.

EnerHarv is targeted at a broad audience ranging from potential adopters of energy harvesting for IoT devices for specific applications (building management, medical technologies, assisted living, environmental, conditional monitoring of equipment, systems, power supplies) to industrial and academic developers of materials and devices (active and passive) to systems integrators and installers of IoT solutions.

Please visit www.EnerHarv.com or contact Mike Hayes (General Chair, michael.hayes@tyndall.ie) or Brian Zahnstecher (Technical Chair, bz@powerrox.com) to learn more.