TC 7: Communication Energy Systems (INTELEC)

International Communications Energy Conference

INTELEC® is an international annual technical conference which, for the past thirty-eight (38) years, has been the premier forum for the science and engineering of energy systems for Information and Communications Technologies(ICT). Research and technical papers explore the needs and trends in the subject areas of power conversion, energy storage, and high-reliability and mission-critical powering infrastructure. Topics include DC power plants, powering architectures, converters, inverters, batteries, fuel cells, grounding, physical and thermal designs, building and equipment cooling systems.


Call for Papers

INTELEC17 CFP banner

On behalf of the IEEE Power Electronics Society, the organizers of INTELEC 2017, invite technical contributions for presentation and discussion at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Center, Broadbeach, Queensland, 22-26 October, 2017

The INTELEC forum is broad in technical scope, and contributions to the Technical Program can range from academic and industry-based research and development, through to field application trials and practical engineering experiences, through to the economics and cost-benefit analyses of different technical solutions for ICT energy infrastructure.  Contributions to INTELEC 2017 can be in the form of technical papers and posters (blind peer-review selection process), tutorials, workshops, and special interest seminars.  2017 topics include, but are not limited to:

ICT Energy Infrastructure design & functionality

·      Future requirements & predictions

·      Communications energy backbone for the IoT

·      Integration into Smart Building regimes

·      Availability,  resilience  &  interoperability

·      Disaster recovery and mitigation

·      Life-cycle operation & maintenance

·      Regulatory regimes & engineering standards

·      Economics of reliable ICT energy

Back-up power & UPS

·        AC & DC UPS

·        Hybrid design opportunities

·        Genset/fuel cell systems

·        Economics of highly-reliable back-up & UPS

Power system architectures & distribution systems

·        Distributed AC & DC energy

·        Traditional low voltage DC

·        400Vdc

·        Wireless power transfer for hand-held devices

·         Grounding & EMC considerations

Power Electronics

·      Power conversion know-how & technologies

·      New circuit topologies, control schemes and converter designs

·      High efficiency & power-density power supplies

Batteries & Energy Storage

·      Traditional & advanced battery technologies

·      Architectures & topologies for energy storage

·      Energy storage modeling & life-cycle costing

·      Battery monitoring

Renewable & alternative energy sources

·      Renewable energy generation in ICT powering

·      Remote-area energy and power systems

·      Cost-benefits of renewable energy

Energy Efficiency & Thermal Management

·      Energy consumption & reduction opportunities

·      Trends in energy-efficient thermal designs and cooling plant

·      Facility (building) energy management

Submission of Abstracts by:               24 March, 2017

Notification of Acceptance by:            12 May, 2017

Submission of full paper by:               11 August, 2017

All submissions of contributions to the Technical Program must be submitted through the on-line system at