ECCE has been a renowned conference on industry applications and power electronics. Recently, there have been many new emerging technologies on power processing, energy

storage, and smart control. In order to promote emerging technologies, the Technical Committee on High-Performance and Emerging Technologies (TC6) of the IEEE Power Electronics Society proposes a track, called High-performance and Emerging Technologies Track, in ECCE. The papers associated with this track all have the same theme | emerging technologies. Since this track will be one of the tracks in the existing conference, the paper submission, reviewing process and presentation will follow the conference rules and procedures. Moreover, in order to attract paper submissions to this track, TC6 will offer ECCE TC6 paper award starting in ECCE 2015. 


The recipients of the ECCE TC6 Paper Award are:


Oral paper award:

 1. Title: A High-Frequency Current-Output-Type Inverter aimed for Wireless Power Transmission System

Authors: Toshihisa Shimizu and Shun Suzuki, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

2. Title: Modeling and Experimentation of Loosely-Coupled Coils with Transmitter Having Orthogonally-Placed Windings

Authors: Po Wa Chow, Shu-Hung Henry Chung, Chun Sing Cheng, Abdulmecit Gungor, Sai Chun Tang, and Leanne Lai Hang Chan, City University of Hong Kong, Shanghai Maritime University, China, Harvard Medical School, USA.


Poster paper award:

Title: Novel Single-Sided Ferrite-less Magnetic Coupler for Roadway EV Charging

Authors: Abiezer Tejeda, John Boys and Grant Covic, University of Auckland, New Zealand




Oral paper award:

Title: Dynamic Matching System for Radio-Frequency Plasma Generation

Authors:  Anas Al Bastami, Alexander Jurkov, Parker Gould, Mitchell Hsing, Martin Schmidt, and David J. Perreault, MIT, USA


Poster paper award:

Title:  Vehicular Integration of Wireless Power Transfer Systems and Hardware Interoperability Case Studies

Authors:  Omer C. Onar, Steven L. Campbell, Larry E. Seiber, Cliff P. White, and Madhu Chinthavali, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA