We have recently started creating Podcasts highlighting topics of popular interest to our Technical Committee members while having conversations with the leaders of our field hearing about their opinion and perspectives.


An Excerpt of Experiences and Design Challenges in IFEC 2020 - In this podcast, we talk to the young and bright minds of h-bridges from the University of Belgrade, one of the runners up team in IFEC 2020, who share their experiences and embark on the importance of design challenges and competitions for qualitative learning
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Spotlighting the Future of Design Trends in Power Electronics with Dr. Alan Mantooth- In this episode, we had a chat with Dr. Alan Mantooth from the University of Arkansas, who puts forth his views on the significance of AI/ML, cyber-physical security, and design automation for power electronics and about the scope & missions of the newly formed Technical Committee on Design Methodologies (TC10). Presented by the IEEE Power Electronics Society Technical Committee on Design Methodologies

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