Programs & Services

This TC organizes annual IEEE Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL). The details of the workshop, such as general chair, location, date, budget, will be approved by the TC meeting. In general case, the workshop is held in June of each year. More information

This TC also organizes IEEE International Conference on DC Microgrid (ICDCM). Our ability to generate, store, and use DC electricity locally without the need for long-range transmission and distribution network enables the possibility for transformational changes in the electricity infrastructure. More information

From time to time, TC might propose special issue for IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics (JESTPE). The exact topic will be dependent on the theme of the COMPEL in each year. The TC will propose the guest editor (or guest editors) for the special issue and will support the organization and review of these special issues.

The Modeling and Control Technical Achievement Award (Award) of the IEEE Power Electronics Society is established in 2012 to honor innovators and researchers who have made outstanding and sustained technical contributions to the advancement of power electronics in the area of modeling and control. The award is administrated by the PELS Technical Committee on Power and Control Core Technologies, and would be made annually. 


New Thrust Areas

1. DC Microgrids

Technical thrust leader: Kai Sun, Tsinghua University, China

  • Organizing JESTPE special issue on “Smart Solid State Transformers for AC/DC Hybrid Power Grids” (Guest Editors: Marco Liserre and Kai Sun) – Submission Deadline: September 1, 2020.

2. Modeling of Grid-Interactive Converters

Technical thrust leader: Xiongfei Wang, Aalborg University, Denmark

  • Held a Workshop on “Representation of Power Electronics for Grid Dynamic Studies (PEGD),” hosted by the Imperial College, UK, on Dec. 5, 2019