Best paper award recipients

COMPEL 2020 (Aalborg, Denmark)

-Yenan Chen, for the paper “Two-Stage 48V-1V Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Point-of-Load Converter with 24V Intermediate Bus,” authored by Yenan Chen, David Giuliano, and Minjie Chen

-Andrew Foote, for the paper “Fourier Analysis Method for Wireless Power Transfer Coil Design,” authored by Andrew Foote, Daniel Costinett, Ruediger Kusch, Jason Pries, Mostak Mohammad, and Burak Ozpinec

-Thaibao Phan, for the paper “1 kW, Multi-MHz Wireless Charging for Electric Transportation,” authored by Thaibao Phan, Grayson Zulauf, Jonathan Fan, and Juan Rivas-Davila

COMPEL 2019 (Toronto, Canada)

- Jessica D. Boles, for the paper “Enumeration and Analysis of DC-DC Converter Implementations Based on Piezoelectric Resonators,” authored by Jessica D. Boles, Joshua J. Piel and David J. Perreault

- Sukhjit Singh, for the paper “Multi-Level Voltage Source Parallel Inverters using Coupled Inductors,” by Sukhjit Singh and John Salmon

- Ratul Das, for the paper “Demystifying Capacitor Voltages and Inductor Currents in Hybrid Converters,” by Ratul Das, Janko Celikovic, Siamak Abedinpour, Mark Mercer, Dragan Maksimovic and Hanh-Phuc Le.

COMPEL 2018 (Padova, Italy)

- Ahmed Abdelhakim, for the paper "Analysis and Design of the Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Wide Range of Operation" authored by Ahmed Abdelhakim, Pooya Davari, Frede Blaabjerg and Paolo Mattavelli

- Margaret Blackwell, for the paper "Dynamic Level Selection for Full Range ZVS in Flying Capacitor Multi-Level Converters" authored by Margaret Blackwell, Andrew Stillwell and Robert Pilawa-Podgurski

- Samuel Da Silva Carvalho, for the paper "Digital PWM for Multi-Level Flying Capacitor Converters with Improved Output Resolution and Flying Capacitor Voltage Controller Stability" authored by Samuel Da Silva Carvalho, Michael Halamicek, Nenad Vukadinovic and Aleksandar Prodic

- Lei Gu, for the paper "High-Frequency Bidirectional Resonant Converter for High Conversion Ratio and Variable Load Operation" authored by Lei Gu, Kawin Surakitbovorn, Grayson Zulauf, Sombuddha Chakraborty and Juan Rivas-Davila

- Qing Liu, for the paper "Seamless Mode Transitions for Triple-Loop Controlled Interlinking Converters" authored by Qing Liu, Tommaso Caldognetto and Simone Buso