About ITRW


The International Technology Roadmap for Wide Band-gap Power Semiconductors (ITRW) was co-initiated by IEEE PELS and organizations representing the USA, China, Japan, Europe, and UK in 2015. Wide Band-gap (WBG) material-based power devices are becoming available to engineers for many years. SiC and GaN devices have superior characteristics compared to silicon and will eventually become pervasive the major application areas of power electronics. However, displacing an existing technology with a new, better technology is never easy and is disruptive. The history of technological change shows it is necessary to accelerate the transition from silicon to wide band-gap devices such as SiC and GaN.  ITRW is dedicated to fostering and promoting the research, education, innovations and applications of WBG technologies globally by providing a reliable and comprehensive view of the strategic research agenda and technology roadmap. This is done by working closely with industry, academia, and relevant roadmap organizations. 



The International Technology Roadmap for Wide band-gap power semiconductor (ITRW) will provide reference, guidance and services to identify the future research and technology developments of wide band-gap power semiconductors and their application, and thereby provide a reliable and comprehensive view on the Strategic Research Agenda and Technology Roadmap.