Global Energy Access Forum


About the Global Energy Access Forum

  • The GEAF establishes mechanisms for sharing information on needs defined by the energy access community, and new capabilities enabled by fast-moving technologies, business and financing models, and use-cases – which together can accelerate the access to energy and its utilization at scale.
  • The GEAF Organizes a recurring global competition - Empower a Billion Lives (EBL) - to help create an ecosystem of technologists and entrepreneurs who develop, demonstrate, derisk and deploy new energy access solutions that are holistic, economically viable, and can scale rapidly in the target market segments.
  • GEAF membership is open and free for all participants, both as a partner organization and as an individual. This includes both IEEE and non-IEEE members. GEAF Members can participate in all GEAF organized events, including virtual workshops and webinars, and be part of an EBL team.

The Formation of the Global Energy Access Forum: 

A workshop organized by the IEEE on June 30, 2021, and attended by diverse stakeholders in Energy Access, including the World Bank, IFC, DOE, ESMAP, IRENA, SE4ALL, CLASP, Eskom, Nigerian Rural Electrification Authority, Schneider Electric, and leading academic institutions and companies, attracted over 300 attendees. The meeting identified a need to bring together a diverse group of energy access stakeholders, including policy, technology, business, social impact, finance, end-users, and NGOs, to create alignment in goals, metrics, strategy, and approach to achieve the objective of universal access to abundant and sustainable energy for all by 2040. The IEEE Global Energy Access Forum, with free and open participation for all, has been formed by the IEEE to address this need. 

About Empower a Billion Lives

Despite decades of efforts by governments and NGOs, around 700 million people in the world today still live with no access to electricity, and ~3 billion live with energy poverty so severe that it impacts their lives and livelihood. Climate change, and new technologies, such as solar and EVs, could widen the gap between the haves and have-nots even more. However, 21st-century technologies also hold the promise of scalable solutions to abundant energy that are clean, affordable, and equitable. Teams are invited from across the globe to participate in the IEEE Empower a Billion Lives – II global competition and to develop & deploy scalable holistic solutions to the complex issues of abundant energy access, equity, and sustainability. For more information, visit -


Joining the Global Energy Access Forum:

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The recording of the 30 June 2021 Workshop can be found HERE

The Summary of Findings from the June Workshop can be found HERE

Attendees at the 30 June 2021 Workshop Include: Netherlands Enterprise Agency, The World Bank, Schneider Electric, Energy Swaraj Foundation/EBL I Team SoULS, Havenhill Synergy, IFC, IRENA, SEForALL, Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, Agsol, Eskom, CLASP, Solaris Off-Grid, On Semiconductor, Meshpower/EBL Team Xpower, Selco, U.S. Department of Energy, Freeing Energy, Elk Coast Institute, Global Thermostat, Global Solutions Summit, MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology, Center for Distributed Energy, University of Twente, National University of Singapore, University of Central Florida