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Upcoming Webinar: A Review of Power Electronics based DERs and Interactions with the Grid

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Ehab ShoubakiAbstract: Currently the bulk of energy generated from fossil fuels, nuclear, geothermal, hydro and some wind resources interface with the grid through rotary machines. An ever-increasing but small portion of generation comes from renewable energy resources distributed across the network that are harvested and dispatched into the grid by power electronics. It is well understood that increased penetration of renewable DERs introduces power quality and system-wide stability issues. This webinar explores the effect of classically controlled DERs on grid stability and future directions for achieving autonomous grid forming capability with power electronics.




Upcoming Webinar: Robotic Inspections, as we Enter the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Ripi SinghAbstract: Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation & data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It primarily includes cyber-physical systems, automation, Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. Different thought leaders have included other disruptive technologies. The case as it may be, the 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us, with opportunities never seen before.

Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of critical infrastructure for human safety has been a continuously evolving system of sensors, data interpretation, and human in the loop. With the confluence of digital-physical systems, it is taking a whole new meaning providing a significant opportunity in all three aspects – reliability, availability, and affordability. It is time for NDE 4.0.

Robotics and Automation particularly play a key role helping achieve, speed of inspection, protecting the inspector from a hazardous environment, reaching areas where human hand can’t go, offering precision, dependability and intelligence, and of course better data management. Having worked on Human Factors in NDE reliability during the late 1990s, the speaker has a special appreciation for what robotic assistance can bring to the system performance. Speaker will also share information on some of the NDE robots already in market offering capabilities not possible up until yesterday.

In this webinar, the speaker will share his emerging perspective in NDE 4.0, increasing role of robotics in NDE 4.0; interpretation of Industry 4.0 principals to NDE applications, a simple 5 step process to go from ideation to monetization. Robotic NDE has the potential to increase the reliability of NDE inspections by integrating additional specialist in the decision process through “tele-presence”. This can help leverage the rare resource of senior inspectors, into industrial inspections at multiple sites, addressing the challenge of talent in general and specialist access in particular situations.


Bio: Ripi Singh is a freelance Innovation and Strategy coach. He works with his clients to understand and prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. With three decades of innovation experience in academics, small business, and fortune 500; that spans aerospace and defense, energy and power, manufacturing, construction, and IT domains in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. He has created an Innovate-Pedia; a compilation of best practices, EinFrame as SaaS for Innovation Management.


In 2019 he has been accepted to be a part of US (ANSI) Delegation to ISO on Innovation management, as well as Chair of NDE 4.0 Committee for American Society of NDT, and Associated Technical Editor for Materials Evaluation.

His recognitions include President of India Cash Prize for Research, National Technical Education award, and uninterrupted scholarships for 15 years from High school in India to Post-Doctorate from Georgia Tech. With an MS in Strategic Thinking from RPI in 2006, He began to apply his learnings to developing organizational innovation capacity.

He currently serves on the Council of CT Academy of Science and Engineering (most prestigious body serving the needs of the State), Advisory Boards of Univ of Hartford and Univ of New Haven. He is also an instructor with Caltech Technology and the Management Center.


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