President's Message : March 2018

30 Years and Going Strong

Alan Mantooth 2017 croppedby Alan Mantooth

The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2018. We will commemorate this milestone with events to be held at both the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition and IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition this year as well as with a special compendium of IEEE Power Electronics Magazine. I will stop short of giving away those exciting details, but we are busy working on it. Stay tuned!

Some brief comments are in order pertaining to 2017 PELS business. We had successful reviews of several of our publications this past year by IEEE Technical Activities Board. These analyses look for ways in which we can continuously improve our publications. Our magazine along with IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, IEEE Power Electronics Letters, and IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification all received successful reviews. IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics will be audited in 2018. By the time you read this issue, the Society itself will have also undergone its five-year review. Since our publications are all on positive footing, our conferences are well-attended, and our Society finances are sound, we are expecting a positive review. I would also like to announce that Prof. Frede Blaabjerg of Aalborg University was recently elected as the PELS president-elect for 2018 and will take over as president for 2019 and 2020.

New for IEEE Fellows

Several members of our Society were recently elevated to IEEE Fellow grade for 2018. Eight of these individuals were elevated through PELS, while several other members were elevated through other Societies. Congratulations to the following individuals elevated through PELS:

• Leo Casey for contributions to high-speed power electronic interfaces for grid-tied distributed resources
• Noriko Kawakami for contributions to large-capacity power converters and applications
• Hui Li for contributions to bidirectional converters for utility applications and high efficiency photovoltaic converters
• Shengyi Liu for application of multifunctional power conversion and power-source integration to aircrafts
• Guo-quan Lu for the development of materials and packaging technologies for power electronics modules
• Udaya Madawala for contributions to power electronics for bi-directional wireless power transfer

• Hans Peter Nee for contributions to silicon carbide power electronics and modular-multilevel converters
• Zhengming Zhao for contributions to electromagnetic transient analysis and the control of high-voltage high-power electronics conversion.


Congratulations to the following PELS Members elevated to IEEE Fellow grade through other Societies:

• Victor Veliadis for contributions to the development of silicon-carbide power devices
• Xiaobing Luo for contributions to packaging of optoelectronic devices
• Po-tai Cheng for contributions to power converters for microgrid applications
• Jung-ik Ha - for contribution to the sensorless control of ac drives
• Richard Lukaszewski for contributions to the application of power electronic devices for variable frequency drives
• Ronghai Qu for contributions to flux modulations machines and wind generators
• Venkateswara Anand Sankaran for leadership in power electronics and energy storage for electric vehicles
• Haithem Abu-rub for contributions to power electronic converters for renewable energy applications.

I want to encourage further nominations of individuals from our membership. We have many deserving people and want to ensure that they are recognized for their contributions.

Closing Thoughts


PELS officers have spent numerous hours preparing for the activities of 2018. We are privileged to serve such a great Society and are looking forward to continued growth of our initiatives (mentorship, IEEE Empowering a Billion Lives, the International Technology Roadmap for Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors, and Cybersecurity), publications, conferences, and membership. However, we can use all the help we can get. Please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us for volunteering opportunities! Our contact information is on the PELS website at