Congratulations to our 2023 IEEE Fellows

PELS Members Elevated to the 2023 IEEE Fellows Class

Bilal Akin - For contributions to control, diagnosis and condition monitoring of AC Drives 

Stanley Atcitty - For leadership in advancing power conversion systems for grid energy storage applications 

Hassan Bevrani - For contributions to microgrid control 

Ali Davoudi - For contributions to power-electronic dominant microgrid control 

Fei Gao - For contributions to real-time simulation and control techniques for fuel cells and power converters 

Marko Hinkkanen - For contributions to sensorless control of industrial motor drives 

Yong Kang - For contributions to digital control of inverters and renewable power conversion systems 

Zhigang Liu - For contributions to fault detection and protection in high-speed railway power systems 

Ashraf Lotfi - For pioneer contributions in developing and commercializing high-density 3-dimensional integrated power electronics modules 

Chengxiong Mao - For leadership in active control of power systems and its industrial applications  

Marta Molinas - For contributions to modeling and stability of power electronics  

Kashem Muttaqi - For contributions to modeling and control of renewable and distributed energy resources 

Munaf Rahimo - For contributions to high-voltage insulated gate bipolar transistors for grid applications 

Jean-luc Schanen - For contributions to Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Electronics 

Tomonobu Senjya - For contributions to wind-power generator automation and control 

Yilmaz Sozer - For contributions to the design and control of electric machine drives 

Dimitri Vinnikov - For contributions to impedance-source converter design 

Xiongfei Wang - For contributions to power-electronic-based power systems 

Chenghui Zhang - For contributions to control of renewable energy systems