Congratulations to our 2022 IEEE Fellows

PELS Members Elevated to the 2022 IEEE Fellows Class

J. Marcos Alonso - or contributions to power electronics in lighting applications

Rajapandian Ayyanar - for contributions to power conversion and grid integration of renewable resources

Subhashish Bhattacharya - for contributions to power conversion systems and active power filters

Baoxing Chen - for contributions to integrated signal-power isolation and integrated magnetics

Lingling Fan - for contributions to stability analysis and control of inverter-based resources

Tobias Geyer - for contributions to control and modulation of high-power converters

Heath Hofmann - for contributions to electric machinery and drive systems

Jin Hur - for contributions to design of permanent magnet synchronous motors

Tseng King Jet - for contributions to permanent magnet machines and distributed energy resources

Vinod Khadkikar - for contributions to power quality solutions

Tian-hua Liu - for contributions to sensorless control for AC drives

Trevor Maguire - for leadership in the development of large scale real-time power systems simulators

Saeed Mekhilef - for contributions to control methods for photovoltaic systems and multi-level inverters

Babak Nahid-mobarakeh - for contributions to service continuity of electric motor drive systems

Abdolhosein Nasiri - for contributions to high power converters for energy storage systems and microgrids

Gianmario Pellegrino - for contributions to Synchronous Reluctance machines identification and control

Satish Ranade - for contributions to integration of renewable and distributed energy resources into power systems

Maryam Saeedifard - for contributions to modulation, control and protection of multilevel converters for high-voltage DC transmission

Bulent Sarlioglu - for applications of electrical drives in the aerospace industry

Brij Singh - for applications of electric drive to off-road vehicles

Matthew Wilkowski - for innovative contributions advancing the power management industry and magnetics production