Seeking PELS Historical Webinars

Message from PELS History Chair:

Dear PELS Colleague,


The PELS History Committee has initiated a webinar series related to the history of Power Electronics. Our first webinar was on Nikola Tesla presented by Bernard Carlson, University of Virginia, here is a link:
Based on this success we are now in the planning stage for more webinars.
Recently the IEEE launched a new initiative  “IEEE Life Fellows – Capturing an Oral History.” See description below.  I would welcome any suggestions relevant to Power Electronics, we are fortunate to have many Life Fellows and this is a great opportunity to capture some of our history for posterity. PELS will coordinate the Life Fellow contributions.
Yours sincerely,
W.G. Hurley, PELS History Chair

IEEE Life Fellows,

We are reaching out to you as one of more than 3000 Life Fellows of IEEE regarding a new initiative recently approved by the IEEE New Initiative Committee entitled “IEEE Life Fellows – Capturing anOralHistory.” The IEEEHistoryCenter has had anoralhistoryprogram for many years and has collected more than900OralHistoriesto date.

This recently funded, new initiative seeks to expand theoralhistoryprogram with a special focus on the incredible experience base and knowledge resource held by the IEEE Life Fellows. Anoralhistoryis a chance to share and preserve the personal experiences, insights, excitement, and lessons in thehistoryof technology. 

The first step in this multi-year project will be the identification of topics and individuals willing to participate. Your input in making those identifications is a critical step in the success of the project. Any project or experience that played a role in advancing technology is an appropriate topic. The program will be managed by the IEEEHistoryCenter as they will train and support the interviewers and conduct interviews throughout 2021. The result will be an official transcript posted to the IEEEHistoryCenter’soralhistorycollection on the Engineering & TechnologyHistoryWiki. In addition, the audio and video will be archived by theHistoryCenter for use in future IEEE projects and for the benefit of future historians. Audio or video clips can be embedded in transcripts according to the wishes of the interviewee.

We will also be reaching out to IEEE Society and Regional leadership for their support and engagement so you may see other contacts from them. This is an opportunity to contribute your stories and insights to a permanent record as one part of advancing technology for humanity. The success of the program will depend on the broad participation of IEEE Life Fellows and we encourage you to enter or provide your information as a part of this new initiative and thank you for your participation.