IFEC 2020 Call for for Proposals

2020 International Future Energy Challenge

College Student Competition http://energychallenge.weebly.com/

Call for Proposals


IFEC Introduction

IFEC is an international student competition for innovation, conservation, and effective use of electrical energy, which is open to college and university student teams from recognized undergraduate engineering programs in any location.

The competition is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power Electronics Society (PELS), Power & Energy Society (PES), Industry Application Society (IAS) and Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA).


Topic: Power Supply for Nano Satellites

Preliminary Specifications:

§  2x DC inputs: Max power < 60 W, Max current < 3 A, voltage 20 V

§  3x DC outputs: 3.3 V @ 5 A, 5 V @ 4 A, and 8 V @ 2600 mAh

§  Functionalities: MPPT control (uniform and non-uniform solar irradiance)

§  Functionalities: Battery charging and discharging

§  Judgment criteria: Functionality, efficiency, power density, and cost.


Final Competition Location 

Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark


Wikimedia Commons/NASA

Participation is on a proposal basis. Those schools that are interested must submit a proposal to the topic chair before the proposal deadline. Each Proposal will be judged by a distinguished panel of volunteer experts from the IEEE and from industry. Schools with successful proposals will be notified and qualified for the rest of the competition. Deadline for each period will be posted on the IFEC website. The finalist teams will be invited to a competition event in summer of 2020.

There will be a Grand Prize of $10,000 and three additional awards granted at $5,000, $3,000 and

$1,000 each.

Important Notice:

²  Each university can support only one team.

²  Each team should have at least 4 members.

²  Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.

²  Teams should be composed of primarily undergraduate students.

²  Graduate students can participate in team to provide high-level support.


Workshop at ECCE 2019                    September 29, 2019

Letter of Intent Deadline                   November 11, 2019

Proposal Deadline                             November 25, 2019

Notification of Acceptance                December 21, 2019

Workshop at APEC 2020                   March 15, 2020

Notification of Finalists                      April 15, 2020

Final Competition                              July 20-22, 2020