IEEE PELS Bylaws Changes - 30 Day notice

Dear All IEEE Power Electronic Society Members;


This year the PELS AdCom tasked the Bylaws Committee to come up with a few strategic changes to the current bylaws.


The changes are the following:

1.  Change the title of the 3 Executive-Vice President positions to Vice Presidents and have them be changed from appointed positions to "selected" by the voting members of the Administrative Committee.

2.  Change the name of the Intersociety liaison Committee to the Global Relations Committee.

3.  Change the name of the Long Range Planning Committe to the Strategic Planning Committee.

4.  Add the Industrail Advisory Board.

5.  The President-Elect position will be changed from a voting member to a non-voting member of the AdCom.

6.  Change the title of TC 6 to High Performance and Emerging Technologies Technical Committee.

7. Add the term Working Group that may be established or abolished by the recomenndation of an AdHoc Committee, appointed by the Presdident, and the definition of a Working Group.

The PELS constitution was drafted and given a discussion period of 30 days within the AdCom.   The vote took place at the AdCom meeting on September 27 and it was unanimously approved by the AdCom Voting Members.


Below is a link to the current version of the approved bylaws. After 30 days review by the membership the bylaws will be set and accepted as final.

PELS Bylaws Revised September 2018

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Florek

Thank you!