CFP: WiPDA 2018 - Atlanta, Georgia

The 6th Annual IEEE Workshop on  Wide Bandgap Power Devices & Applications

At The Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center 

October 31 – November 2, 2018 | Atlanta, Georgia |


The IEEE Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices & Applications (WiPDA) provides a forum for device scientists, circuit designers, & application engineers from the Power Electronics & Electron Devices Societies to share technology updates, research findings, experience & potential applications.



-         Heteroepitaxial & Bulk Materials Growth

-         Gate Dielectrics & Surface Passivation

-         Device Structures & Fabrication Techniques

-         Device Characterization & Modeling

-         Very-High Efficiency Or Compact Converters

-         Safe Operating Areas Of Wide Bandgap Devices, Including Short Circuit, Spike, &Transient Tolerance

-         Harsh Environment (High Temperature) Operation & Reliability

-         Packaging Power Modules & ICs

-         Hard-Switched & Soft-Switched Application Analysis

-         Gate Drive & Other Auxiliary Circuits

-         High-Performance Passive Components

-         Applications in Renewable Energy & Energy Storage, Transportation, Industrial Drives, & Grid Power Systems

-         Wide Band Gap System Design Philosophies & Strategies




-         Two Page Abstract:  June 15, 2018

-         Notification of Acceptance:  July 20, 2018

-         Final Paper Submission:  August 24, 2018

-         Technical & Dialogue Sessions:  November 1st-2nd, 2018.



-         Tutorials: Educational tutorials on state-of-the-art device technology and applications are welcome. Four tutorials will be offered on the afternoon of October 31th.

-         Keynote Sessions: Two keynote sessions will be held on November 1st and 2nd, where leading experts from academia, industry, and research institutes will be invited to share their insights on technology developments and future trends.

-         Panel Session: Leading experts from federal agencies, industry, and academia will be invited to discuss pressing technical issues at a panel session on November 1st.

     -         Exhibition & Sponsorships: A limited number of booths and corporate sponsorships will be available.


-             Maryam Saeedifard,  General Chair, Georgia Tech

-             Victor Veliadis,  Vice-Chair, NC State/Power America

-             Eric Persson,  Technical Program  Co-Chair, Infineon

-             Mahshid Amirabadi,  Technical Program  Co-Chair,  Northeastern University

-             Khurram Afridi,  Technical Program Co-Chair, University of Colorado - Boulder

-             Babak Parkhideh,  Treasurer, North Carolina - Charlotte,

-             Karthik Kandasamy,  Local Organizing Committee, Georgia Tech

-             Suman Debnath,  Tutorials Co-Chair, Oak Ridge National Lab

-             Jiangchao Qin,  Tutorials Co-Chair, Arizona State University

-             Mark Scott,  Publicity Chair, Miami University

-             Lingxiao Xue,  Website Chair, Navitas Semiconductor

-             Stephen Oliver,  PSMA Rep., Navitas Semiconductor