Last Call - CFP: INTELEC 2018 - Torino, Italy Oct 7-11 2018

Intelec Torino 2018

INTELEC® is an international annual technical conference which, for the past thirty-nine years, has been the premier forum for the science and engineering of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) energy systems.

Research and technical papers explore the needs and trends in the subject areas of power conversion, highly available and resilient mission-critical power infrastructure and energy storage. Topics include DC power plants, power architectures, converters, inverters, batteries, renewable and alternative power sources, grounding, physical and thermal designs, microgrids and building and equipment cooling systems. The 2018 conference will be held from October 7th to October 11th, 2018 in Torino, Italy at the Lingotto Conference Centre.

Call for abstracts



The scope of the conference will include but not be limited to the following energy system topics:


Power Systems for ICT

Hybrid and renewable energy generation

Power systems (high and/or low voltage DC and AC) for communication equipment and data centres

400V DC power systems

Power distribution architectures for ICT equipment

Power infrastructures for IoT systems

Power infrastructure for 5G networks

Outside plant power systems

Wireless power transfer for communication devices


Energy Storage for Communications Systems

Architectures for energy storage

Innovative chemical, mechanical and thermal energy storage systems

Battery technology, modelling, monitoring and life-cycle cost analysis

Flow battery technology

Energy management techniques

Modelling and simulation of energy storage systems


Power Conversion for Communications Equipment

Circuit topologies and control techniques for AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC power converters

New devices based power converters and systems

Inverters for ICT systems

AC and DC UPS for ICT

High efficiency and high power-density supplies


Site Support Systems

Disaster recovery and mitigation

Non grid power sources for ICT equipment

Physical and thermal design

Grounding and EMC

Codes, standards, and specifications


Electrical and thermal energy management and monitoring

Energy management for ICT offices and data centres

Energy management systems in building and facilities

Equipment and Building cooling systems

Energy systems modelling and simulation

A digest that accurately reflects the content of the proposed technical paper must be submitted no later than 15th April 2018

The digest must include all the information considered necessary to evaluate the technical merit of the paper and should be a minimum of 500 words, not to exceeding 1500 words. Reference author contact information and the topic area of the paper should be included in the submission.

Digests are to be submitted electronically via the conference submission system using the digest template (DOWNLOAD)

Acceptance letters will be emailed to authors by 3 May, 2018 and accepted manuscripts are due no later than 12 July, 2018.

The accepted manuscripts will be included in the conference proceedings that will be available at the conference. The length of the final papers must not exceed eight single-spaced, double-column typewritten papers, tables and figures included. Specific instructions regarding manuscript formatting will be made available to those authors whose digests have been selected.

Papers will not be accepted if they include commercial advertising or product endorsements. Official language of the conference (digests, manuscripts, oral and poster presentations) will be English. All the accepted papers will be presented in oral or poster sessions. Authors are required to register for the conference and present their work in the assigned session. Special student sessions will be organized by the conference to encourage students to present their work.

(DOWNLOAD)the abstract template


Abstract submission: 15th April, 2018 - EXTENDED MAY 2nd!

Notification of acceptance: 20th May, 2018

Final paper submission: 29th July, 2018



INTELEC 2018 is also accepting proposals for workshop or special session on specific topics within the scope of the conference. 
Special sessions are organized at the initiative of one or more individuals.
The proposal for a special session must include:
• Title
• A brief (approx. 100 words) description
• Names and contact info of special session organizers.
• List of potential authors and their affiliations
Deadline for proposal submission: 15th April, 2018
Send your special session proposal to