Student Competitions

IEEE International Future Energy Challenge


The competition is sponsored by the IEEE PELS, Power & Energy Society (PES), Industry Application Society (IAS), and Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA).

Participation is on a proposal basis. Interested universities must submit a proposal before the proposal deadline, and they will be judged by a distinguished panel of volunteer experts from the IEEE and the industry. Student team project results will be judged based on cost-effectiveness, performance, quality of the prototype, engineering reports, adherence to rules and deadlines, innovation, future promise, and related criteria. Each aspect of judging will be scored according to a point list and test protocol, and then they will select a group of teams as finalists based on the qualifying reports.

The Grand Prize winner group will be awarded US$10,000 for the highest score among entries in each topic area meeting all minimum requirements as confirmed through reports and hardware tests. The remaining prizes (US$5,000, US$3,000 and US$1,000 ) will be awarded to the teams according to the highest scores in other aspects/categories, e.g., Best Hardware Design and Best Technical Report.

All the contest steps and deadlines are detailed and posted on the IFEC website.

PELS Ph.D. Thesis Talk Award (P3 Talk)

P3 Talk 2021 Logo Updated

PELS Ph.D. Thesis Talk Award (P3 Talk)  is a competition organized by the PELS Education Digital Media Committee to recognize the excellent work of PELS Members that recently received their Ph.D. certificates. To enter the competition, a 3 minute video summarizing their Ph.D. research should be uploaded. The videos are evaluated by worldwide distinguished judges and up to 5 winners receive USD$1000 A certification is given to each winner and their videos are featured on the PELS website.

There are some eligibility criteria, such as the participant must receive their Ph.D. certificate or have proof of final thesis defense within a period determined by the commission; must be IEEE PELS Members; and previous participants are NOT eligible.

Each submission will be reviewed by at least three judges from across the world to score and rank the video submissions. Reviewers will be asked to score the video submissions according to the problem definition, design methodology, achieved outcomes, quality of the video, and presentation.

More information can be found here.

ECCE Student Project Demonstrations on Emerging Technology Award Program

Since 2011, ECCE has organized the hardware demo event for students to showcase their research outcomes and interact with academia and industry. Three prizes are awarded at ECCE to the best student project demonstrations.

Topics of interest include all emerging areas of power electronics and related Technologies, such as  energy harvesting, 3d power electronics integration, wireless power transfer, high-temperature power electronics, ultra-efficient and high-power-density converters and inverters, emerging power devices and their applications, emerging solutions for a passive component used in power electronics, high-reliability power electronic components and converters, etc. 

Project teams selected for participation will be notified, and all members of the selected project teams must register for ECCE in order to participate in the demonstration event. Travel grants will be allocated for each participating project team. For the demonstration, each team will be provided a space in the ECCE exhibition hall. Each project demonstration will be evaluated by a judging panel comprising members from the industry and the academia. The panel members will select the top three project demonstrations based on originality/creativity, engineering design, value to practical applications, presentation, and audience appeal. The top three student project teams will be recognized with the Student Project Demonstration on Emerging Technology Award as follows: 


  • 1st Prize (a certificate and a cash award of $700) 
  • 2nd Prize (a certificate and a cash award of $500) 
  • 3rd Prize (a certificate and a cash award of $300)