Student Branches

What is a Student Branch Chapter and how to create one?

A Student Branch Chapter (SBC) is a technical sub-unit of a Student Branch constituted by a minimum of six (6) IEEE members of Student Member or Graduate Student Member grade of a Society and established by petition to the parent Student Branch and Society concerned to represent and fulfill the needs of the members and the missions of IEEE. An SBC can only be established at a particular college, university, or technical institute that has a Student Branch. 

To create a petition to establish a PELS SBC, visit: here

A joint SBC comprising the members of more than one Society or Student Branch may be established, provided that the petition to establish a joint SBC shall contain at least six (6) signatures and that each Society or Student Branch involved shall be represented by at least three (3) signatures. 

Creating a joint SBC from an existing SBC is done by filing a petition using the same link provided in this section. The filer should select the Section Chapter/Affinity Group Status Change petition.

More information on the creation of SBCs is included in the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Operations Manual.

Why create a PELS Student Branch Chapter?

PELS supports its SBCs in many ways. Some of PELS resources for SBCs are the following:

1. PELS Student Guidebook

This guidebook was prepared as a reference text for students eager to establish a PELS SBC at their institution, those in leadership positions of a newly founded SBC, and new leaders in an existing SBC. This document concisely answers several questions new leaders may have. The guidebook can be accessed here.

2. PELS Support for Newly Setup Chapters/Student Branch Chapters 

PELS offers US$500 to newly established Chapters/Student Branch Chapters. The Chapter/SBC Chair should fill out a form requesting the funds which are sent via Check, Wire Transfer, or Concentration Banking deposit. 

3. PELS Chapter/Student Branch Chapter Reporting

Chapters and Student Branches Chapters in good standing may request US$250 yearly as operational funding to support their activities. To receive the funding, the Chapter/SBC Chair shall complete an application form indicating the status and activities of his/her Chapter/SBC over the past year. The application form and the deadline to report the activities are sent to the Chapter/SBC Chairs by email.

4. PELS Chapter Tool Kit order form

Chapters and Student Branches Chapters can request the PELS Chapter Tool Kit here

5. The Distinguished Lecturer Program

The IEEE Distinguished Lecturers (DL) Program is one of the most exciting offerings available to the IEEE Society Chapters. Each year, PELS selects a few members of our profession as Distinguished Lecturers. This not only celebrates and honors their high achievements in the field of power electronics but also supports PELS chapter activities by providing high-profile speakers for local chapter/section events. 

To request a DL talk, this form should be submitted. Before submission, the speaker should be contacted to confirm availability. More details about the DL program and the list of PELS DL speakers are available here

6. The Regional Distinguished Lecturer Program

In addition to the DL Program, PELS also offers a Regional Distinguished Lecturer (RDL) Program to support our members and local chapters in various regions around the globe. The selected RDLs usually give lectures in PELS local chapter/section events within their region, and usually in a local language. 

More details about the RDL program are available here and the list of PELS RDL speakers is available here

7. PELS Best Student Branch Chapter Award

The Power Electronics Society Best Student Branch Chapter Award was established in 2018 to recognize excellent service by a PELS Student Branch Chapter – also joint with other Societies – to its student members and to the power electronics community. Prize items include US$1000 to support activities of the SBC, a certificate in the name of the SBC, and reimbursement for travel expenses up to US$500 to attend the award ceremony at the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE). 

Past Recipients

2021: Tsinghua University

2020: IIT Mandi, India
2019: Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), Brazil

More details about this award are provided here.

How can I reach out to some of PELS Student Branch Chapters?

The contact information and social media of some PELS SBCs are listed below. If you would like to include your SBC information, please contact Milad Soleimani.

Name of the Student Branch


Social Media

Student Branch Chapter Chair
Huazhong University of Science & Technology, PEL35

National University of Singapore,IA34/PEL35



Sanjib Kumar Panda

Texas A&M Univ-College Station,IA34/PE31/PEL35


Pooria Dehghanian 

Univ Federal Do Rio De Janeiro - UFRJ,PEL35/IA34






University of Pittsburgh,PE31/PEL35


Sabrina Nguyen (


Vimal Jyothi Engineering College - KANNUR,PEL35


Prabin James, Vaishnav PP
University of California-Berkeley, PEL35/IA34/PE31 Samantha Coday
University of New Brunswick,PEL35 Millena Pereira Guedes-Blanch
Musaliar College of Engg-Chirayinkeezhu,PEL35

Azya N

College of Engineering-Karunagappally,NPS05/PEL35 Akhil Ahammed. N
Federal Univ of Campina Grande, PEL35/IA34 Amanda Monteiro
NSS College of Engineering,PEL35 Rakhi R
College Of Engineering Munnar,PEL35 SOURAV A S
Novosibirsk State Tech Univ, PEL35 Nikita Sevostyanov
Univ Federal De Santa Catarina,PEL35 Renan Pillon Barcelos
Arkansas Univ of-Fayetteville,PEL35 Rowan Obenshain
Seoul Natl Univ Of Tech,PEL35 Ramadhan Muhammad Hakim
Indian Institute of Technology-Mandi,PEL35 MAYANK GUPTA
National Tsing Hua University,PEL35 Yu-Chen Su
Strathclyde University,IA34/PEL35/PE31 Ian Kiely
SRM Inst of Sci & Tech-Kattankulathur,PEL35/IA34 SRMIST-ENFUSE
Jamia Millia Islamia-Faculty of Engrg,IA34/PEL35 Ahteshamul Haque
Government Engineering College-Thrissur,PEL35 JOHN A R
St. Joseph's College of Engineering,PEL35 Annie Jenifer
Universidad de el Salvador, PEL35 Nelson Cortez Torres
A.D. Patel Institute of Technology,PEL35 Deep Sutariya
Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP),PEL35 Mateus Pinheiro Dias
Tennessee Univ Of - Knoxville,PE31/PEL35 Benjamin Dean
Univ Federal do Rio Grande do Norte,PEL35/IA34 Thales Queiroz Fonsêca
Universidade Federal da Paraiba,PEL35/IA34 Maeva Rênnua Silva Soares Araújo
Universidad de Oviedo, IA34/PEL35/PE31 Guirguis Zaki Guirguis Abdelmessih
G Pulla Reddy Engrg College,PEL35 Kunchepu Sai kavya


Updated July 2020