Opportunities for Members


Advances in technology are communicated directly to PELS members through multiple outlets.  Members are given access to a personal subscription to the IEEE Power Electronics Society Digital Library which includes the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics in electronic format, PELS Conference Proceedings, and the PELS newsletter. The printed version of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics is available at a heavily discounted members-only price.  In addition, the society's website features news concerning all of its activities, programs and new developments in power electronics.

Technical Committees

PELS members are encouraged to actively participate in technical committees.  Our Technical Committees concentrate on key areas of technology such as:  Communication Energy Systems, Motor Drives and Actuators, Vehicle and Transportation Systems, Power and Control Core Technologies, Power Conversion Systems and Compenents, High Performance/Low Cost Applications and Sustainable Energy Systems.


In cooperation with other IEEE societies, PELS members organize high-profile forums for the latest advances in power electronics research such as the Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE) and the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC).  In addition PELS jointly sponsors many conferences with other sister socities.  PELS is the sponsor of the International Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC).  Conferences are where members are exposed to opportunities to network with friends, colleagues, and leaders throughout the field, to enhance individual professional development and career standing.


In cooperation with other IEEE societies, PELS sponsors in-depth workshops that focus on specific technical areas, such as: Computers in Power Electronics, Integrated Power Packaging and many others.


Involvement in the Standards Committee and working groups provides PELS members with the mechanisms for defining common protocols, interfaces, test and evaluate procedures, and performance for power electronic systems.  The Standards Committee also provides liaison support to governing bodies of the IEEE.

Education/Student Activities

PELS has a broad educational program and supports exciting student activities, such as the IEEE Future Energy Challenge - an international student competition for innovation, conservation and effective use of electrical energy. PELS also provides travel grants to support students who participate in PELS conferences.

Join PELS and lock in the resources that will support your career.  You may join IEEE PELS through the IEEE online membership application system.