Fellows 2021


PELS Members Elevated to Fellow in 2021

Alireza Bakhshai
for contributions to the development of synchronization techniques for power electronics converters

Oriol Gomis Bellmunt
for contributions to grid integration of renewable energy sources

Yaow-ming Chen
for contributions to grid-connected power converters for renewable energy applications

Wenzhong Gao
for contributions to grid integration of wind power and electric vehicle technology

Hua Geng
for contribution to control of renewable energy power converters

Amit Gupta
for leadership in power conversion systems

Dragan Jovcic
for contributions to improvements in multi-terminal HVDC transmission grids and development of HVDC transformers

Zhengyu Lu
for contributions to DC-DC power conversion and control

Gourab Majumdar
for contribution to power semiconductor devices and intelligent power module

Yasser Mohamed
for contributions to the control and dynamic analysis of microgrids and power electronic systems

Sanjib Panda
for contributions to iterative learning control of motor drives

Leila Parsa
for contributions to control of multi-phase permanent magnet electrical drives

Akshay Rathore
for contributions to the design and advancement of power electronics for drives and automotive industries

Kalyan Sen
for the development and application of power flow control technology

Mahesh Swamy
for development of power electronics topologies

Shinzo Tamai
for contributions to control for motor drives and three-level converters

Mi-ching Tsai
for leadership in magnetic materials for the electric motor industry

Mohammad Uddin
for contributions to control techniques for AC motor drives

Sergio Vazquez
for contributions to control techniques for power converters and drives

Ganesh Venayagamoorthy
for contributions to the application of artificial intelligence to power systems

Jin Wang
for development of high density power converters and their use in electric cars

Patrick Wheeler
for contributions to matrix power converter technology

Yifeng Wu
for contributions to Gallium Nitride microwave and power conversion devices

Firuz Zare
for contribution to power converters and leadership role in standardization