Fellows 2019


PELS Members Elevated to Fellow in 2019

Radu Bojoi Iustin Radu Bojoi
for contributions to control of electrical drives and power electronics
Silverio Bolognani Silverio Bolognani
for contributions to permanent magnet synchronous motor technology
Patrick Chapman Patrick Chapman
for application of power electronics devices and systems for solar energy conversion
Zhe Chen

Z Chen
for contributions to power electronics for wind energy conversion

Sewan Choi 1 Sewan Choi
for contributions to power converter technologies
josecobos Jose Cobos
for contributions to power supply systems
Tim Green

Timothy Green

for contributions to power electronics for power systems control

Jinjun Liu 2019 Jinjun Liu
for contributions to modeling and control of power systems
David Torrey high res David Torrey
for contributions to modeling, design, and control of electric machines and drives
Shuo Wang 1 Shuo Wang
for contributions to reduction of electromagnetic interference in electronic systems
Pericle Zanchetta photo Pericle Zanchetta
for contributions to the control of complex power electronics
RZhang152 Richard Zhang
for leadership in development of power electronic converters