Fellows 2018



PELS Members Elevated to Fellow in 2018

Leo Casey Leo Casey
for contributions to high-speed power electronic interfaced for grid-tied distributed resources
Noriko Kawakami 2018 Fellow 2 Noriko Kawakami
for contributions to large-capacity power converters and applications
for contributions to bidirectional converters for utility applications and high efficiency photvoltaic converters
Shengyi Liu IEEE Fellow Photo

Shengyi Liu
for application of multifunctional power conversion and power source integration to aircraft

Guo Quan Lu Guo-Quan Lu
for development of materials and packaging technologies for power electronics modules
UdayaMadawala Udaya Madawala
for contributions to power electronics for bi-directional wireless power transfer
Hans Peter Nee

Hans Peter Nee

for contributions to silicon carbide power electronics and modular multilevel converters

Zhengming Zhao Zhengming Zhao
for contributions to electromagnetic transient analysis and control of high-voltage high-power electronics conversion