Fellows 2015

PELS Members Elevated to Fellow in January 2015

Joseph Drdrobnik

Josef Drobnik

SPARQ Systems Inc.
Innovation Park

for development of high performance power converters in industrial applications



Josep Guerrero

Josep Guerrero

Aalborg University
Energy Technology Department

for contributions to distributed power systems and microgrids



Paolo mattavelli


Paolo Mattavelli

University of Padova

for contributions to power converters for grid-connected applications and power management







Khai ngoKhai Ngo

Virginia Tech

for contributions to unified synthesis and modeling of switched-mode converters






Jian Sun

 Jian Sun

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
for contributions to modeling and control of power electronic circuits and systems





Navid Zargari

Navid Zargari

Rockwell Automation Canada

for contribution to medium voltage drive technologies and applications