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Students and Young Professionals Rendezvous–YP Reception at APEC and Work Plan

Zhiheng Lin, Bruna Seibel Gehrke, Nayara Brandão de Freitas, Joseph P. Kozak
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The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) Students and Young Professionals (S&YP) Committee aims to provide resources and networking opportunities for students and young professionals. The committee supports and organizes many activities, such as conferences, webinars, workshops, and social receptions at large-scale international conferences. The most recent reception was held on 27 February, at the IEEE PELS Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) in Long Beach, USA. The PELS S&YP Committee, along with the Industry Application Society (IAS) Young Professional Committee, supported the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) lead YP reception with the slogan “Eat, Drink, and Talk With The Pros.” The YP reception was a fantastic opportunity for people from different places and backgrounds to meet and network, as shown in Figure 1 . Over 100 attendees, including students, young professionals, and power electronics engineers and researchers participated in this event.

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