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1.2 kV/400 A SiC Source Turn-Off MOSFET Intelligent Power Module

Zhicheng Guo, Alex Q. Huang
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1.2 kV 400 A SiC Source Turn Off MOSFET Intelligent Power Module

Excellent switching performances and higher levels of integration are two critical topics for intelligent power modules (IPM). This article proposes a novel and cost effective 1.2 kV/400 A SiC half-bridge power module based on the Source Turn-off (STO) MOSFET. STO MOSFET is a driver integrated MOSFET architecture that can achieve ultra-fast turn-on and turn-off operations beyond the traditional voltage source gate driver approach. A built-in current and temperature monitoring features are also integrated. The IPM integrates discrete SiC devices, direct bond copper (DBC) base plate, STO gate driver, auxiliary power supply, current monitor, temperature monitor, and decoupling caps, making it plug-and-play ready.

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