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APEC 2024 Young Professionals (YP) Networking Reception

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The APEC 2024 Young Professionals (YP) Networking Reception is an opportunity to network with both other young professionals as well as highly-experienced professionals from both industry and academia. In this casual setting, YPs will have the opportunity to build connections with their peers, while chatting with, and getting valuable career advice from, established and well-regarded power electronics professionals, all with the added bonus of enjoying drinks and food provided included with attendance.

Please direct any questions/concerns to Brian Zahnstecher,, +1-508-847-5747 (text also ok).

“Eat, Drink, & Talk with the Pros”

DATE  Tues, February 27, 2024

TIME  7:00 – 9:00 pm PST

LOCATION  Café Sevilla, 140 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA  90802 [three blocks due N of Convention Center (<10 min walk)


Please note anyone who has not pre-registered prior to arrival may be turned away at the

NOTE: only a single person will be entered per registration.  If multiple registrations are made under the same name/contact info, then you are at risk of having all cancelled in order to be fair to all.

COSTS  Free to all thanks to the generous support of PSMAIEEE PELS, and IEEE IAS.  Admission includes light food/tapas and drinks (one alcoholic for those aged 21+, unlimited non-alcoholic for all)

FOOD  there will be a variety of meat & veggie (inc. vegan) options so we promise no one will starve!

SPACE/CAPACITY there should be ample space for our head count, which includes a designated space to store your belongings so please do not feel like you have to keep items at your feet or run to hotel beforehand if you do not have the time, but this will also be an open option with no security or check-in option…just a space set aside to place belongings for your convenience!

We have a hard limit on headcount of 175 people (inc. organizers) so registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.