Past Webinars

2022 Webinars


Online Pedagogical Resources on Control and Tuning Methods in Switched Mode Power Converters
Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Power Converter for More Efficient Data Center

Sparse Electromagnetic Measurement to Recover High Fidelity Information for Wireless Power Transfer

The Virtuous Circle of 5G - IoT and Energy Harvesting

Breaking the Barrier for High-Speed in the Interior Permanent Magnet Machine

Modeling Wireless Power Transfer Using Ansys Maxwell

Exploring Power Conversion Based on Piezoelectrics: Converters, Components, and Capabilities

Systematic Relationships of Power Converter Topologies through Graph Theory

Adaptive EMC Design for Wide Bandgap Power Converters in Aviation Applications

Testing Inverters with Electric Motor Emulators

A Mission-profile-based Reliability Assessment Software Tool for the Design of Power Electronic Systems

Power Electronics for Precision Farming with Substantiable and Cleaner Environment

Machine Learning Enabled Design Automation and Optimization for Electric Transportation Power Systems

EMI Reduction Techniques for Automotive Power Conversion Systems
High Performance Heat Sink Design for WBG Power Modules using Genetic Algorithms
High-Density Motor Drive Design for Electric Aircraft Propulsion-What We Might Know and What We Don’t
Opportunities and Challenges in the Balance of Systems for Photovoltaic Energy
Model Predictive Control in Power Electronics - A Critical Review and Recent Industrial Products
Robust Control of Grid-Connected Converters- A 15 Year Evolutionary Timeline
Developing Online Educational Videos for a Global Audience
Opportunities and Challenges of Multiwinding Transformer-Based DC-DC Converters
Introduction of a State-of-the-Art Power Electronics Design Automation Tool in Hitachi ABB Powergrids – Challenges and Best Practices
Nikola Tesla- the AC Motor and the Origins of Power Electronics
Wide Bandgap (WBG) Power Electronics for Heavy Duty Vehicle
All SiC High Power Converters for Combined Integration of Solar PV and Energy Storage
Control and Estimation Techniques for the Safe Operation of Critical DC Microgrids

An Event Driven Cyber Security Framework for Power Electronic Systems

Towards Sustainable and Reliable Automated Design of Power Electronic Systems

Introduction to ITRD - the Technology Roadmap of Power Electronics for DERs

New Advances in State-Space based Control of Power Converters

AI Inspired Control- Design and Cyber Security of Converter based Power Systems

Advancing Layout Tools to Support High Performance-High Frequency Power Electronic Design

Mentors and Advocates- How to be one and How to find one

Reliability of Modern Power Electronic based Power Systems

High-Density Medium-Voltage SiC-based Modular Power Converters for Naval Applications-Challenges and Solutions

Advanced Modeling Approach for Magnetic Material and Components

Selecting the Right Power Semiconductors for Multi-MHz Power Converters

Conductive Charging of Electrified Vehicles- Challenges and Opportunities

Emerging (Ultra-) Wide Bandgap Power Devices on the Horizon

How to Effectively use LinkedIn to Further Ones Career

Power Electronics Facing Technical Challenges of a New Era of Electric Energy Systems

Modelling and Stability Analysis of Electrical Networks Dominated by Grid-connected Power Converters-PELS Day

Current Source Solid State Transformers (SST) Technologies-PELS Day

Field-Reliability of Compact Power Converters-PELS Day

Grid Integration of EVs for V2G Applications-Wired and Wireless Solutions?-PELS Day

High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer Systems-PELS Day

Model Predictive Control in Power Electronics: A Critical Review and Recent Industrial Products-PELS Day

Opportunities and Challenges in the Balance of Systems for Photovoltaic Energy-PELS Day

Power Electronics Control Issues in LV DC Microgrids- PELS Day

Wireless Charging for Autonomous Electrified Micro-mobilty Devices: A Real-world Solution for Smart Cities to be Pandemic Ready

Design Consideration for Transformers in Full Bridge Phase Shift Converters

Differential Power Processing DC-DC Converters for Solar Photovoltaic Applications

Smart Battery Energy Management and Health Conscious Fast Charging for Future Transport

High Efficiency DC DC Converters with a New Coupled-Inductor-Rectifier Structures

Packaging and Integration Technology in Wide Band-gap Devices based Power Electronics Converters

Integrated Power Delivery and Management for High-Performance Digital Systems

Three-Phase LLC Resonant Converters for Battery Chargers

Photovoltaic Optiverter- A Novel Hybrid MLPE Technology for Residential and Small Commercial Photovoltaic Applications- Slides

Micro-Inverter in China-Slides

Solar PV Microinverters-Research in Academia and Industry-Slides

Solar Photovoltaic Microinverters-Technology Overview- Slides

Power-Based Droop Control in DC Microgrids Enabling Seamless Disconnection from Upstream

PowerSynth- A Power Module Layout Generation Tool

Real-Time Simulation Methods of Power Electronic Systems