Past Webinars

An Event Driven Cyber Security Framework for Power Electronic Systems

Towards Sustainable and Reliable Automated Design of Power Electronic Systems

Introduction to ITRD - the Technology Roadmap of Power Electronics for DERs

New Advances in State-Space based Control of Power Converters

AI Inspired Control- Design and Cyber Security of Converter based Power Systems

Advancing Layout Tools to Support High Performance-High Frequency Power Electronic Design

Mentors and Advocates- How to be one and How to find one

Reliability of Modern Power Electronic based Power Systems

High-Density Medium-Voltage SiC-based Modular Power Converters for Naval Applications-Challenges and Solutions

Advanced Modeling Approach for Magnetic Material and Components

Selecting the Right Power Semiconductors for Multi-MHz Power Converters

Conductive Charging of Electrified Vehicles- Challenges and Opportunities

Emerging (Ultra-) Wide Bandgap Power Devices on the Horizon

How to Effectively use LinkedIn to Further Ones Career

Power Electronics Facing Technical Challenges of a New Era of Electric Energy Systems

Modelling and Stability Analysis of Electrical Networks Dominated by Grid-connected Power Converters-PELS Day

Current Source Solid State Transformers (SST) Technologies-PELS Day

Field-Reliability of Compact Power Converters-PELS Day

Grid Integration of EVs for V2G Applications-Wired and Wireless Solutions?-PELS Day

High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer Systems-PELS Day

Model Predictive Control in Power Electronics: A Critical Review and Recent Industrial Products-PELS Day

Opportunities and Challenges in the Balance of Systems for Photovoltaic Energy-PELS Day

Power Electronics Control Issues in LV DC Microgrids- PELS Day

Wireless Charging for Autonomous Electrified Micro-mobilty Devices: A Real-world Solution for Smart Cities to be Pandemic Ready

Design Consideration for Transformers in Full Bridge Phase Shift Converters

Differential Power Processing DC-DC Converters for Solar Photovoltaic Applications

Smart Battery Energy Management and Health Conscious Fast Charging for Future Transport

High Efficiency DC DC Converters with a New Coupled-Inductor-Rectifier Structures

Packaging and Integration Technology in Wide Band-gap Devices based Power Electronics Converters

Integrated Power Delivery and Management for High-Performance Digital Systems

Three-Phase LLC Resonant Converters for Battery Chargers

Photovoltaic Optiverter- A Novel Hybrid MLPE Technology for Residential and Small Commercial Photovoltaic Applications- Slides

Micro-Inverter in China-Slides

Solar PV Microinverters-Research in Academia and Industry-Slides

Solar Photovoltaic Microinverters-Technology Overview- Slides

Power-Based Droop Control in DC Microgrids Enabling Seamless Disconnection from Upstream

PowerSynth- A Power Module Layout Generation Tool

Real-Time Simulation Methods of Power Electronic Systems