Online Courses

As a service to our members and outreach to potential new members, the IEEE Power Electronics Society is developing a program of modular online courses, which may be used for professional development hours (PDHs).  A typical module should be equivalent to 3 PDHs and include 60 minutes of lecture and short problems to test for understanding.  The tests and other materials will be delivered via Moodle.  Modules will be initially offered free of charge to PELS members and will be integrated into IEEE’s eLearning package for sale to institutions and individuals.  Proposals are sought in any topic relevant to the Power Electronics Society field of interest. In particular, the topics listed below are desired:

  • Non-technical "This Is Power Electronics," for outreach or for non-engineers in the power electronics business
  • Technical "Introduction to Power Electronics," for engineers who are considering a career move into power electronics
  • Introductory Power Electronics Concepts
    • Basic converter types
    • Basic power semiconductors
    • Thermal design
    • Control fundamentals for power electronics: PWM, voltage-mode, peak-current-mode
    • Magnetic design
  • Advanced Power Electronics Concepts
    • Resonant converters, multi-level converters, other advanced topologies
    • Modeling techniques, such as state-space averaging with linearization
    • Detailed analysis and application of power semiconductors
    • Simulation
  • Regulatory Compliance Concepts
    • Safety, e.g., UL, CE, other
    • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Power Electronics Applications
    • Transportation electrification
    • LED lighting
    • Photovoltaic systems

Each proposal should use the standard IEEE eLearning form.  Please submit the form both to Jill Bagley, as noted on the form, and to Issa Bartarseh, PELS Education Chair.   Speakers who have given professional education seminars at recent PELS-sponsored conferences are particularly encouraged to reformat those seminars for online delivery.  Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis.  Standard agreements for intellectual property give IEEE exclusivity for online delivery, but the instructor retains copyright. Compensation will be discussed individually and will include an honorarium and residuals from fees.