In addition to the DL Program, PELS also offers a Regional Distinguished Lecturers (RDL) Program to support our members and local chapters in various regions around the globe. The selected RDLs will usually give lectures in PELS local chapter/section events within their region, and usually in a local language.

Region 10:

Prof., Dr., Eng., Kan Akatsu, Yokohama National University, Japan
Available Talks:

  • RDL-1: Integration technology of Electric Machines and Inverter system in EV
  • RDL-2: Advanced motor control technique realizing “digital twin”

Prof. Sewan Choi, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea
Available Talks:

  • RDL-1: High power density, high efficiency on-board battery chargers for Electric Vehicles
  • RDL-2: Bidirectional soft-switched DC-DC Converters for high step-up and wide voltage range applications

Prof. Jun-ichi Itoh, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
Available Talks:

  • RDL-1: AC-AC direct conversion technologies
  • RDL-2: Minimization of passive components with circuit topology and its control
  • RDL-3: Simple adjustable speed drive system based on V/f control for PM motors

Prof. Dong-Choon Lee, Yeungham University, S. Korea
Available Talks:

  • RDL-1: Control issues of AC/DC/AC PWM converters
  • RDL-2: Control of wind power generation system and grid connection techniques

Prof. Wuhua Li, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, P.R. China
Available Talks:

  • RDL 1: State Awareness and Lifetime Extension of Power Devices/Converters: From Near-Line to On-Line
  • RDL 2: Hierarchical Control and Self-Disciplined Stability of Renewable DC-Based Inter-Grid

Prof. Bhim Singh, IIT Delhi, India
Available Talks:

  • RDL-1: Electric Vehicles-At a Glance
  • RDL-2: Power Factor Correction Converters Feeding Brushless DC Motor Drives
  • RDL-3: Microgrids: Configurations, Control, Synchronization and Applications
  • RDL-4: Control of Brushless Motors for Solar Water Pumping

Prof. Xu Yang, Xi’an Jiaotong University, P. R. China
Available Talks:

  • RDL-1: Frequency and time domain modelling and stability analysis for PWM converters
  • RDL-2: Application and integration for Wide band gap semiconductor power devices
  • RDL-3: DC micro-grid and power electronic transformers