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Region 4:


Enabling Technologies in Control and Power Electronics for Power and Energy Systems

Next-Generation Smart Grid: Completely Autonomous Power Systems (CAPS)

Parallel Operation of Inverters

Power Converters without Electrolytic Capacitors

Control of power electronics systems using predictive switching sequences and switching transitions

Nonlinear analysis of power-electronics systems and networks

Region 8:

A Unified Approach to Transformer and Inductor Design: Theory and Applications

Challenges and Trends in Magnetics

High Frequency magnetics: Core and Winding Losses


Electric Superbike Racing – the Design and Construction of a winning Electric Motorbike

Matrix Converters – Technology and Applications

Why Power Electronics is the Enabling Technology for the Future Electrical Energy Supply Grid

Why the More Electric Aircraft Needs Power Electronics

Region 10:


Autonomous control techniques for Microgrid applications

Low Voltage Ride-through of renewable energy converters

Powering Critical Loads - A Taiwan Experience

PWM and controls technique of AC/DC Converters/Inverters

Isolated Bi-directional DC/DC Converter Topologies and Control

Modeling and Control of Grid Inverters with LCL filter

Passive Integration with Flexible Multi-layer Foils

Soft Switching Three-phase Converter or Inverter