DL Nomination and Selection Guideline

The IEEE Distinguished Lecturers (DL) Program is one of the most exciting offerings available to the IEEE Society Chapters. Each year, the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) selects a few distinguished members of our profession as Distinguished Lecturers, not only to celebrate and honor their high achievements in the field of power electronics but also to support PELS chapter activities by providing high profile speakers for local chapter/section events. The following guidelines are provided regarding the selection and operation of the DL program:

1. Nominations or self-nominations for PELS Distinguished Lecturers should be submitted to the DL Program Chair of PELS from January 1 through June 30 each year which should include (1) Nominator's contact information and a short bio (not needed for self-nomination); (2) Nominee's contact information and full resume; (3) 1 to 3 proposed lectures each with a title and short abstract (less than 100 words for each title); (4) Nominee's past records in giving public lectures, seminars, or tutorials; and (5) Endorsement for the nomination from one or more of the PELS Technical Committee(s).

2. The nominations will be evaluated by the DL Selection Committee which is chaired by the DL Program Chair of PELS, and is made of the VP of Operations, VP of Meetings, VP of Products, Chair of Chapter Activities, Chair of Award Committee of PELS, and two independent members appointed by the President of PELS. The DL Selection Committee will complete the annual review by August 30 and forward the recommendation to the President of PELS for official approval no later than October 1. The DL list will be published before December 31, and will be acknowledged in PELS publicity materials and honored at selected PELS award ceremonies afterwards.

3. The appointed DLs will serve a two year term and fulfill a commitment of delivering at least two lectures during the two year time period. Each DL can serve up to two consecutive terms (a total of four years). The appointed DLs will report their lecture activities to the DL Program Chair at the end of each term they have served.

For DL nomination please contact DL Program Chair Prof. John Shen at johnshen@ieee.org.

John Shen 320x355
Illinois Institute of Technology (USA)