Information for Conference Organizers

Running an IEEE Conference

IEEE conference organizers are critical to the planning and implementation of high-quality technical conferences each year.  Conference organizers serve a variety of roles within their conference committee and may hold other positions within their section, chapter, or society.

The success of an IEEE conference depends on the dedication and teamwork of the organizers who volunteer to run the event.  Conference organizers serve different roles within the conference committees.

IEEE Convene brings together thought leaders and decision-makers to address conference leadership practices, discuss challenges in the conference landscape, envision the future, and launch new conference initiatives.  IEEE Convene has dedicated educational tracks for IEEE conference organizers and conference leadership.  Be inspired by unparalleled learning and thought-provoking and insightful sessions that will provide a real advantage to your conference planning and help shape the future of conferences. 

IEEE is ready to help.  If you have questions about IEEE Convene or anything pertaining to IEEE conferences, please contact IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events.

Conference Publications

Conference Publications refers to all material that is published in relation to the conference, including but not limited to the conference's final program and the conference proceedings that result.

Conference Publications must work closely with the Technical Program to ensure that accepted papers for the final program are in an IEEE compatible format for submission to the Conferences Publications Program (CPP). 

PELS guidelines for technical co-sponsorships:
  • Sufficient evidence should exist about the technical quality and integrity of the review process.
  • PELS must be represented in the technical committee by PELS members with relevant expertise.
  • A target community must be served by the event, for example, PELS chapters
  • The event should not interfere with other PELS events or interests.
  • MOU at least 6 months before the event.
  • A preference exists for publishing the content in Explore. (Benefit to PELS members).
  • The review process should be auditable.

Applying for PELS Technical Co-sponsorship

Before getting started review the information regarding the IEEE Conference Exchange.  It is a primary resource for ensuring the timely review of the conference proposal for possible sponsorship.

To initiate the process go to the following link ( conferences/organizers/conf_app.html) Complete the information on the form.  This is an electronic process and will give the option to save and return to complete any missing information.

Organizer's Tracking Tool