Transportation Technologies Award

The IEEE Transportation Technologies Award was established in 2011 to recognize advances in technologies within the fields of interest to the IEEE as applied in transportation systems.  The PELS is a co-sponsor of this award.

Criteria: During the evaluation process, nominees are evaluated on:

  • their impact on the profession and/or society
  • sustained technical or other contributions in monitoring, control, power, navigation, and/or communication as applied in transportation systems
  • leadership in accomplishing worthwhile goal(s)
  • other achievements as evidenced by publications, patents, or other evidence
  • quality of nomination

Award Items:

  • Bronze medal
  • Certificate
  • One-time honorarium

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Year Recipient Name Reason
2022 Ouyang Minggao "For contributions to fuel-cell powertrain and battery thermal management."
2021 Philip T. Krein "For contributions to electric vehicle battery management and hybrid system optimization."
2020 Markos Papageorgiou "For contributions to traffic flow modeling and operations."
2019 Hao Huang "For contributions to aircraft electrification."
2018 James C. C. Chan

"For contributions to the advancement of electric vehicle technologies."

2017 Claire Tomlin "For contributions to air transportation systems, focusing on collision avoidance protocol design and avionics safety verification."
2016 Petros Ioannou "For contributions to the design, analysis, and implementation of adaptive cruise-control systems."
2015 Robert Dean King "For contributions to the design, optimization, and implementation of propulsion and energy management systems for hybrid-electric vehicles."
2014 Linos J. Jacovides "For pioneering contributions to the analysis and design of electromechanical systems and power electronics for transportation applications."

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IEEE Transportation Technologies Award