William E. Newell Power Electronics Award

The IEEE William E. Newell Power Electronics Award has been presented annually since 1977 for outstanding achievement in power electronics.  In 2005, the award was elevated to an IEEE Technical Field Award and is sponsored by the PELS.  It is dedicated to the memory of Dr. William E. Newell of the Westinghouse Research and Development Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.  Awardees have been judged to be outstanding in the multidisciplinary field of power electronics, which crosses the technical boundaries of several Societies of the IEEE.

Criteria: Achievements by which an individual is judged to have made outstanding contributions encompass a broad range of activities and include teaching, innovative research, consulting endeavors, professional seminars, major project or project management, and the general communication and advocacy of power electronics technology to the technical community.  The technical discipline that encompasses the field of power electronics includes the analysis, design, development, simulation, and application of electronic devices, magnetics, controls, and power circuits for inverters, converters, and motor drives ranging in power level from a fraction of a watt to megawatts.

Award Items:

  • Bronze medal
  • Certificate
  • One-time honorarium

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Year Recipient Name Reason
2022 Fang Zheng Peng "For the development of cascaded multilevel inverters and high-power converter topologies, and for their advancement in grid-scale applications."
2021 Robert W. Erikson "For contributions to power electronics education and analysis, modeling, and design of power converters."
2020 Ivo Barbi "For contribution to soft-switching converter technologies and power electronics education."
2019 Patrizio Vinciarelli "For visionary leadership in the development of high-efficiency, high-power-density power conversion components for distributed power system applications."
2018 Rainer Marquardt "For development of the modular multilevel converter application in medium drives and high-voltage DC transmission systems."
2017 Seung-Ki Sul "For contribution to the sensorless control of rotating field electrical machines."
2016 Johann W. Kolar "For contribution to the advancement of three-phase pulse-width modulation (PWM) converter systems and power electronics education."
2015 Shu Yuen Ron Hui "For contributions to power electronics applications in planar wireless charging and sustainable lighting technology."
2014 Frede Blaabjerg "For contribution to power electronics in renewable energy and adjustable speed drives."
2013 Rik W. De Doncker "For contributions to the development of new components, topologies, and controls in power electronic systems."
2012 Leo Lorenz "For contributions to the development of power semiconductor devices and integrated power modules."
2011 Praveen Jain "For advancements in the theory and practice of high-frequency power conversion systems."
2010 Akio Nakagawa "For development of non-latch-up IGBTs."
2009 Tadashi Fukao

"For contributions to the development of cycloconverters and bearingless drives."

2008 Istvan Nagy "For leadership in the research, development, worldwide promotion, and university education in power electronics technology."
2007 Dushan Boroyevich "For advancement of control, modeling, and design of switching power converters."
2006 Deepakraj M. Divan For leadership in the development of soft-switching power converters."
2005 Bimal K. Bose
2004 M. Azizur Rahman
2003 Philip T. Krein
2002 Emanuel E. Landsman
2001 Hirofumi Akagi
2000 Luigi F. Malesani
1999 Thomas Jahns
1998 Joachim Holtz
1997 Pierre Thollot
1996 Akira Nabae
1995 J. Daan van Wyk
1994 Laszlo Gyugyi
1993 Robert L. Steigerwald
1992 Werner Leonhard
1991 B. Jayant Baliga
1990 Thomas A. Lipo
1989 Fred C. Lee
1988 Koosuke Harada
1987 John G. Kassakian
1986 Philip L. Hower
1985 Klemens Heumann
1984 Loren F. Stringer
1983 Francise C. Schwarz
1982 R. David Middlebrook
1981 Thomas G. Wilson
1980 Alexander Kusko
1979 Shashi Dewan
1978 William McMurray
1977 Richard Hoft

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IEEE William E. Newell Power Electronics Award