Medal in Power Engineering

The IEEE Medal in Power Engineering was established in 2008 to recognize outstanding contributions to the technology associated with the generation, transmission, distribution, application, and utilization of electric power for the betterment of society.  The PELS is a co-sponsor of this award.

Criteria: During the evaluation process, nominees are evaluated on:

  • their impact on the profession and betterment of society
  • the succession of significant technical or other contributions
  • leadership in accomplishing worthwhile goals
  • previous honors
  • other achievements as evidenced by publications, patents, or other evidence

Award Items:

  • Gold medal
  • Bronze replica
  • Certificate
  • One-time honorarium

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Year Recipient Name Reason
2022 Thomas M. Jahns "For contributions to the development of high-efficiency permanent magnet machines and drives."
2021 Praveen K. Jain "For contribution to the theory and practice of high-frequency power-conversion systems."
2020 Rik W. De Doncker "For contributions to high-power and energy-conversion technologies."
2019 Lionel Olav Barthold "For outstanding contributions to and leadership in advancing the technologies of electric power transmission."
2018 Hirofumi Akagi "For pioneering contributions to theory and practice of power conversion systems and their applications."
2017 Marian P. Kazmierkowski "For leadership in and pioneering contributions to the development of power electronic converters and electric drive control systems."
2016 Arun Phadke "For contribution to synchrophasor technology for monitoring, control, and protection of electric power systems."
2015 Fred C. Lee "For contributions to power electronics, especially high-frequency power conversion"
2014 Thomas Anthony Lipo "For contribution to electrical machine and drive topologies."
2013 Hermann W. Dommel "For pioneering contributions to the methods of analyzing electromagnetic transients and optimal power flow in electric power systems."
2012 Edmund O. Schweitzer, III "For leadership in revolutionizing the performance of electrical power systems with computer-based protection and control equipment."
2011 William F. Tinney "For leadership in the technology upon which the modern computer analysis of electric power system networks is based."
2010 Prabha S. Kundur "For leadership in the development and application of analytical methods, tools, and techniques for modeling, simulation, and control of large-scale interconnected power systems."

medal in power engineering

IEEE Medal in Power Engineering