2020 Winners

First Place

January 2020

Shike Wang, Zeng Liu, Jinjun Liu, Dushan Boroyevich, and Rolando Burgos
Small-Signal Modeling and Stability Prediction of Parallel Droop-Controlled Inverters Based on Terminal Characteristics of Individual Inverters

July 2020

Yi Zhang, Huai Wang, Zhongxu Wang, Frede Blaabjerg, and Maryam Saeedifard Mission Profile-Based System-Level Reliability Prediction Method for Modular Multilevel Converters

September 2020

Xintong Lyu, He Li, Yousef Abdullah, Ke Wang, Boxue Hu, Zhi Yang, Jiawei Liu, Jin Wang, Liming Liu, and Sandeep Bala A Reliable Ultrafast Short-Circuit Protection Method for E-Mode GaN HEMT
November 2020

T. Modeer, N. Pallo, T. Foulkes, C. B. Barth, and R. C. N. Pilawa-Podgurski

Design of a GaN-Based Interleaved Nine-Level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter for Electric Aircraft Applications


Second Place

June 2020

Handong Gui, Zheyu Zhang, Ruirui Chen, Ren, Jiahao Niu, Haiguo Li, Zhou Dong, Craig Timms, Fei Wang, Leon M. Tolbert, Benjamin J. Blalock, Daniel Costinett, and Benjamin B. Choi

Development of High-Power High Switching Frequency Cryogenically Cooled Inverter for Aircraft Applications
August 2020

Khalegh Mozaffari and Mahshid Amirabadi

A Reduced-Switch-Count Family of Soft-Switched High-Frequency Inductive AC-Link Converters
October 2020

Yuqi Wei, Quanming Luo, and Alan Mantooth

Overview of Modulation Strategies for LLC Resonant Converter
October 2020

A. S. Jurkov, A. Radomski, and D. J. Perreault

Tunable Matching Networks Based on Phase-Switched Impedance Modulation
November 2020

Do-Hyeon Kim and Dukju Ahn

Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking for Multiple-Transmitter Wireless Power Transfer
December 2020

Y. Chen, P. Wang, Y. Elasser, and M. Chen

Multicell Reconfigurable Multi-Input Multi-Output Energy Router Architecture