2019 Winners

 First Place

January 2019 Oliver Knecht, Johann W. Kolar Performance Evaluation of Series-Compensated IPT Systems for Transcutaneous Energy Transfer
February 2019 Rui Li, Xinke Wu, Shu Yang and Kuang Sheng Dynamic ON-State Resistance Test and Evaluation of GaN Power Devices Under Hard- and Soft-Switching Conditions by Double and Multiple Pulses

June 2019

Shuai Jiang; Stefano Saggini; Chenhao Nan; Xin Li; Chee Chung; Mobashar Yazdani Switched Tank Converters
November 2019 Matthew Barlow, Shamim Ahmed, A. Matt Francis, and H. Alan Mantooth An Integrated SiC CMOS Gate Driver for Power Module Integration


Second Place

May 2019 Michele Perotti, Franco Fiori Investigating the EMI Mitigation in Power Inverters Using Delay Compensation
June 2019 Ning He, Min Chen, Junxiong Wu, Nan Zhu, Dehong Xu 20-kW Zero-Voltage-Switching SiC-mosfet Grid Inverter With 300 kHz Switching Frequency
June 2019 Sinan Li, Wenlong Qi, Jiayang Wu, Siew-Chong Tan and Shu-Yuen Hui Minimum Active Switch Requirements for Single-Phase PFC Rectifiers Without Electrolytic Capacitors
June 2019 Juan M. Arteaga, Samer Aldhaher, George Kkelis, Christopher Kwan, David C. Yates and Paul D. Mitcheson Dynamic Capabilities of Multi-MHz Inductive Power Transfer Systems Demonstrated With Batteryless Drones
September 2019 Sungjae Ohn; Jianghui Yu; Paul Rankin; Bingyao Sun; Rolando Burgos; Dushan Boroyevich; Harish Suryanarayana; Christopher Belcastro Three-Terminal Common-Mode EMI Model for EMI Generation, Propagation, and Mitigation in a Full-SiC Three-Phase UPS Module
May 2019 Ming Lu, Khai D.T. Ngo Circuit Models and Fast Optimization of Litz Shield for Inductive-Power-Transfer Coils