2018 Winners

 First Place

March 2018 Yijie Wang; Yousu Yao; Xiaosheng Liu; Dianguo Xu; Liang Cai An LC/S Compensation Topology and Coil Design Technique for Wireless Power Transfer

April 2018

Hao Chen and Deepak Divan Soft-Switching Solid-State Transformer (S4T)
March 2018 Yutian Lei, Wen-Chuen Liu, and Robert Pilawa-Podgurski An Analytical Method to Evaluate and Design Hybrid Switched-Capacitor and Multilevel Converters


Second Place

February 2018 Tin Ho (River) Li; Ngai Man (Carl) Ho, Xu Chen Active Virtual Ground--Single-Phase Transformerless Grid-Connected Voltage Source Inverter Topology
January 2018 Markus Andersen, Ke Ma, Giampaolo Buticchi, Johannes Falck, Frede Blaabjerg, and Marco Liserre Junction Temperature Control for More Reliable Power Electronics
April 2018 Shenghui Cui, Nils Soltau, and Rik W. De Doncker A High Step-Up Ratio Soft-Switching DC-DC Converter for Interconnection of MVDC and HVDC Grids
February 2018 Mohammad Ali Saket, Martin Ordonez, and Navid Shafiei Planar Transformers with Near-Zero Common-Mode Noise for Flyback and Forward Converters
September 2018 Laili Wang, Wenbo Liu, Doug Malcolm, and Yan-Fei Liu An Integrated Power Module Based on the Power-System-in-Inductor Structure