2017 Winners

 First Place

October 2017 Dean P. Hamilton, Michael R. Jennings, Amador Pérez-Tomás, Stephen A. O. Russell, Steven A. Hindmarsh, Craig A. Fisher, and Philip A. Mawby High-Temperature Electrical and Thermal Aging Performance and Application Considerations for SiC Power DMOSFETs

May 2017

Bartolomeo Stellato, Tobias Geyer, and Paul J. Goulart High-Speed Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control for Power Electronics
May 2017 Sai Chun Tang, Tian Le Tim Lun, Ziyan Guo, Ka-Wai Kwok, and Nathan J. McDannold Intermediate Range Wireless Power Transfer With Segmented Coil Transmitters for Implantable Heart Pumps


Second Place

January 2017 Xiaohui Qu, Yanyan Jing, Hongdou Han, Siu Chung Wong, and Chi K. Tse Higher order compensation for inductive-power-transfer converters with constant-voltage or constant-current output combating transformer parameter constraints
March 2017 Or Kirshenboim, Alon Cervera, and Mor Mordechai Peretz Improving Loading and Unloading Transient Response of a Voltage Regulator Module Using a Load-Side Auxiliary Gyrator Circuit
April 2017 Yueshi Guan, Yijie Wang, Dianguo Xu, and Wei Wang A 1 MHz Half-Bridge Resonant DC/DC Converter Based on GaN FETs and Planar Magnetics
January 2017 Zhemin Zhang, Khai D. T. Ngo, and Jeff L. Nilles Design of Inductors with Significant AC Flux
January 2017 Minjie Chen, Khurram K. Afridi, Sombuddha Chakraborty, and David J. Perreault Multitrack Power Conversion Architecture