2016 Winners

 First Place

January 2016 Minjie Chen, Mohammad Araghchini, Khurram Afridi, Jeffrey Lang, Charles Sullivan, and David Perreault A Systematic Approach to Modeling Impedances and Current Distribution in Planar Magnetics

July 2016

Motoki Sato, Gaku Yamamoto, Daisuke Gunji, Takehiro Imura, and Hiroshi Fujimoto Development of Wireless In-Wheel Motor Using Magnetic Resonance Coupling
February 2016 Wenli Zhang, Xiucheng Huang, Zhengyang Liu, Fred Lee, Shuojie She, Weijing Du, and Qiang Li A New Package of High-Voltage Cascode Gallium Nitride Device for Megahertz Operation


Second Place

January 2016 Bo Wen, Dong Dong, Dushan Boroyevich, Rolando Burgos, Paolo Mattavelli, and Zhiyu Shen Impedance-Based Analysis of Grid-Synchronization Stability for Three-Phase Paralleled Converters
December 2016 Fei Lu, Hua Zhang, Heath Hofmann, and Chunting Chris Mi An Inductive and Capacitive Combined Wireless Power Transfer System With LC-Compensated Topology
December 2016 Ui-Min Choi, Søren Jørgensen, and Frede Blaabjerg Advanced Accelerated Power Cycling Test for Reliability Investigation of Power Device Modules
September 2016 Tao Xu and Feng Gao Global Synchronous Pulse Width Modulation of Distributed Inverters
July 2016  Samir Hazra, Ankan De, Lin Cheng, John Palmour, Marcelo Schupbach, Brett Hull, Scott Allen, and Subhashish Bhattacharya High Switching Performance of 1700-V, 50-A SiC Power MOSFET Over Si IGBT/BiMOSFET for Advanced Power Conversion Applications