2015 Winners


First Place


January 2015 Gregory Joseph Kish, Mike Ranjram, Peter W. Lehn A Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter With Fault Blocking Capability for HVDC Interconnects
July 2015 Wenxing Zhong and Shu-Yuen Ron Hui Maximum Energy Efficiency Tracking for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
November 2015 Oliver Knecht, Roman Bosshard, Johann W. Kolar High-Efficiency Transcutaneous Energy Transfer for Implantable Mechanical Heart Support Systems



Second Place

January 2015 Marcelo A. Perez, Steffen Bernet, Jose Rodriguez, Samir Kouro, Ricardo Lizana Circuit Topologies, Modeling, Control Schemes, and Applications of Modular Multilevel Converters
February 2015 Carlos Olalla, Chris Deline, Daniel Clement, Yoash Levron, Miguel Rodriguez, Dragan Maksimovic Performance of Power-Limited Differential Power Processing Architectures in Mismatched PV Systems
June 2015 Zeng Liu, Jinjun Liu, Weihan Bao, Yalin Zhao Infinity-Norm of Impedance-Based Stability Criterion for Three-Phase AC Distributed Power Systems With Constant Power Loads
October 2015 Zheyu Zhang, Fred Wang, Leon M. Tolbert, Benjamin J. Blalock, Daniel Costinett Evaluation of Switching Performance of SiC Devices in PWM Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives
July 2015 Cheng Wan, Meng Huang, Chi K. Tse, Xinbo Ruan Effects of Interaction of Power Converters Coupled via Power Grid: A Design-Oriented Study