2011 Winners


March 2011 P. Tenti, H.K.M. Paredes, and P. Mattavelli Conservative Power Theory, a Framework to Approach Control and Accountability Issues in Smart Microgrids
April 2011 M. Hartmann, H. Ertl, and J.W. Kolar EMI Filter Design for a 1 MHz, 10 kW ThreePhase/Level PWM Rectifier
July 2011 S. Orlandi,  B.A. Allongue, G.  Blanchot, S. Buso, F. Faccio, C.A. Fuentes, M. Kayal, S. Michelis, and G. Spiazzi Optimization of Shielded PCB Air-Core Toroids for High Efficiency DC-DC Converters