2006 Winners


January 2006 Z.J. Shen, D.N. Okada, F. Lin, S. Anderson, and C. Xu Lateral Power MOSFET for Megahertz-frequency, High-density DC/DC Converters
March 2006 D.M. Van de Sype, K. De Gusseme, F..M.L.L. De Belie, A.P. VandenBossche, and J.A. Melkebeek  Small-Signal z-Domain Analysis of Digitally Controlled Converters 
September 2006 W. Stefanutti, P. Mattavelli, G. Spiazzi, and P. Tenti  Digital Control of SinglePhase Power Factor Preregulators Based on Current and Voltage Sensing at Switch Terminals