IEEE Power Electronics Emerging Technology Award

The IEEE Power Electronics Emerging Technology Award of the IEEE Power Electronics Society is established to recognize engineers and researchers who have made outstanding technical contributions to one or more emerging research topics in power electronics. The emerging areas in power electronics are evolving. At least three emerging research topics will be announced each year with the call for nominations, which are decided annually by PELS High Performance and Emerging Technologies Technical Committee (TC6).

The award recipient must be an active member of IEEE. There are no other restrictions as to nationality, age, gender, or IEEE member grade. An award will be given to a single person only.  

The criteria considered by the Award Committee include:

-         quality of technical achievement and contribution to the field  

-         advancement of the technology 

-         sustained impact on the relevant technical community and the profession 

-         benefit to the society

-         past relevant activities to the field and technical committee


The Award consists of an award plaque and a one-time honorarium of $1,500 USD. In addition, a maximum and total amount of $1,500 USD will be available

  • to the recipient as reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs incurred to attend the place of the presentation of the award
  • to cover any conference registration fees that the award recipient would have to pay to attend the award ceremony.

Presentation:  As a rule, the award is presented during ECCE America. Taking into account the international character of PELS and its members, it may also be presented at another PELS conference upon mutual agreement.

If you would like to nominate an IEEE member for the IEEE Power Electronics Emerging Technology Award, please go to our IEEE Society Awards Application System.  To identify as nominator, you will be asked in the beginning of this process to log in your existing IEEE account or to register for a new one. 

Subsequently you should choose IEEE Power Electronics Emerging Technology Award and enter the required data and documents. 

Nominations received up to March 31st will be considered in the current year. The award is administrated by the IEEE PELS Technical Committee (TC) of High Performance and Emerging Technologies. If you have any questions please send them to PELS Awards Committee via


Past Award Winners

2019 - Chunting Chris Mi